Super Soft Golden Syrup Cookies

hola from dubai airport! i'll tell you all about my granada & madrid & seville & valencia (gosh there's a lot) news soon (we had a blast!) but for the moment i'm throwing it back to a post i've been sitting on since july (!!!!!) because sleepy-term-3 jess was busy with schoolwork, but relaxed-and-on-holidays jess is #blessed with time. 

but sadly relaxed-and-on-holiday jess is about to turn back into sleepy-student jess because as we speak, my buddies are starting term four and i'll be joining them on thursday. anyway, whilst the return home to melbourne is bittersweet and filled with doom, gloom and lack of sleep that comes with going back to school - there is always a silver lining. here's a list of stuff i'm looking forward to when i get home!

molly on the range should be at my front door! i'm so pumped!!!! have you got yours yet?? (you should!! go get one!!)

i'll be reunited with my almond milk!! all the stuff i've been drinking here has had added sugar (gah!) because i couldn't find any other option :( but yay! i'm comin' home to the good stuff!

my own bed - doesn't everyone miss their bed when they travel?

seeing ma pals :D ah the silver lining of school...lunchtime!

playing all the music again! oh how i've missed my piano, my sheet music, the rehearsals, the giggles and the funny faces that inevitably come with playing music, being in bands and choirs with my pals :D

i definitely haven't missed the late night studying or the looming presence of exams, nor the crushing weight of responsibility and pressure that only having five more terms of high school left brings (!!!!!) and for shizzle have i relaxed here in tapas-land. but, all good things must come to an end, and as i sit here in dubai airport i guess i really am excited to go home. but putting my school uniform on for the first time on thursday will kill me just a little bit - but i'll get over it the minute i see my friends loitering around the lockers. i'm 17, it's the way it is. 

i thought i'd break up the travel posts and the eat, see & do's  that have been up here as of late (i'm in spain! read all about it here!) with a recipe! for this one, i'm actually throwing it back to one of my first ever posts on ALA (link here). god bless those photos, i stood on my dining table for that (don't tell mum!) and had yet to discover what a cookie scoop was. ah the good ol' days. this recipe is vegan and possibly the easiest thing in the world! when i say that these bad boys are super soft, i mean super soft.  like grab yourself a kitten and a fluffy jumper soft. like if the easter bunny was in cookie form, he (she?) would have this texture. when judging the cooked-ness of these biscuits, you need to go by the colour of their bottoms (hehe). a lovely dark golden brown is perfecto! they'll also need to cool on the tray they were baked in, and are best eaten a little while (try 30 mins) after they come out of the even. store in a sealed container at room temp, they'll keep for just over a week!!

super soft golden syrup cookies

{makes enough for a smol army - about 24 medium sized cookies}


1 c brown sugar

250g nuttelex (vegan butter)

3 tsp vanilla extract

5 tsp golden syrup

2.5 c self-raising flour

1/2 c icing sugar (for dusting)


preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius (or 160 fan-forced) and line two large baking trays with baking paper/parchment paper.

cream the vegan butter and the sugar together until a pale and creamy consistency is formed. add the vanilla and beat on high for another 3 minutes. add the golden syrup and beat until well combined. 

slowly add the flour, 2 tablespoons at a time whilst beating on the lowest speed. wait about 10 seconds between each flour addition. once all the flour has been added, grab a spatula and gently fold the dough to make sure all the flour is mixed in. 

 using a small cookie scoop, scoop out balls of dough onto a baking sheet about 2 inches apart. bake for 25 minutes or until the bottoms are nice and golden brown. 

leave them to cool on their trays for about 30 minutes then enjoy! 

- jess xx

Federal Cafe, Barcelona

it's a bit of a different one today! i've never done a cafe review here before on ala so this is exciting! as i'm writing this we're on the train back to barcelona for a night before we fly back to melbourne tomorrow. we visited federal cafe during our week in barcelona (read more here!) and ermagawd was it fabulous! the food was delicious - i had the avocado on crusty toast w' poached egg - and the coffee was the best i had in spain. they offered fresh cow's milk, almond milk and soy (i went for the almond!), and the staff were all really friendly, welcoming and most,if not all, that we encountered spoke english fairly well.

but the thing that got me was the aesthetic and the vibe of the place. the grand windows meant that the indoor and outdoor seating areas flowed easily, while the natural sunlight that spiledt  in kept the space light and airy. the industrial-scandi furniture and wall coverings assured you that the coffee was going to be good (hipsters know their stuff) and the combination of customers having lunch meetings, working on laptops and chatting with friends was a testament to the popularity of the place. 

the menu had a brunch all day feel to it that probably came from the australian roots of the place. federal cafe was set up not only in multiple cities across spain, but also by an australian group of coffee nuts. for more info about that, along with all the federal cafe details clink the link here

whilst i was having my working day in valencia (#studentlyf  *sadface*) mum and dad found the federal cafe, valencia and the proceeded to come home and harp on about how amazing the coffee was again.

basically, this shit's good. federal cafe - you've got the a little alice  tick, dance and enormous smile of approval. 

- jess! 

p.s. this post is not sponsored, and all opinions, ramblings and stories are my own. 


whilst we were in madrid last week we caught a super-fast train (read: zoooooooooom) and spent a day in segovia - aka the most beautiful place ever. we frolicked around the castle and had lunch in the main square (ummm hello roasted capsicum salad), before walking through the streets around all the little yellow and orange houses to find the aqueduct. no, not the aqua-duck, the aqueduct. i wish it was the aqua-duck. can we rename all aqueducts, aqua-ducks?? k thanks. 

aside from the look, temperature, language, age and feel of the small countryside town, the biggest difference between segovia and melbourne (i mean let's be honest they're in completely different universes) was the fact that everybody goes for a long-lunch-possibly-a-siesta-situation at about two o'clock, and doesn't return until at least four. now i mean, i'm on team naps! naps! naps! for shizzle, but the entire town shut down for lunch, leaving us with not much to do other than cafΓ©-hop around town and walk the length of the aqueduct (aqua-duck? are we going with that?). which, to be fair, wasn't necessarily a bad thing since segovia, other than being on team naps! naps! naps! is also on team free tapas! so when you buy a drink, chances are you'll get free food.

we caught a cab from the train station in segovia to the alcazar castle and saw all the pretty rooms and the old chemistry labs (!!!) oh be still my poor little nerd heart, I almost couldn't cope. aside from the old paintings an beautifully ornate roofs, a clear highlight was seeing the old lab glassware in the museum portion.  

so all in all, a town of free food, pretty houses and naps. what's not to love???????

 next stop granada! 

- jess

p.s. madrid was amazing  and i'll tell you all about it later. but now it's time to finish my audiobook of pride and prejudice. bye!