meet jess


my name is jess, my middle name is alice (hence the blog title).  i speak french, i like to cook, write, read (a lot),  play music, travel and spend quality time with friends and family. i cannot tell you the number of times i've sworn to keep a journal and never did, so this blog is an extension of that, hopefully i'll make good on this one. most of my posts include recipes and photos of the world around me. i hope to use this as something to look back on in years to come, to see what i got up to.

as you can probably see from these awfully candid shots, i much rather prefer being behind the camera than in front. they say that pictures tell a thousand words and this blog is me telling mine. for a more everyday story telling experience check out my instagram. things that inspire me include minimalism, scandi-stuff, my friends and music. i enjoy simplicity and using as whole ingredients as possible, so here you'll find simple dairy-free recipes made to be shared. 

when i discovered that i was lactose-intolerant, not only did i suddenly hear all the jokes,  but struggled to still enjoy the food i loved without dairy. in my refusal to give into the dairy-free sentence to a life without chocolate, i discovered a whole world full of allergy and intolerance friendly cooking. my aim is to help those unable to eat all the "good-stuff" have their cake and eat it too!  

 i live in melbourne and it's pretty okay here & to take my photos i use a nikon d300s, generally with an 18-200mm lense. sometimes i edit the photos a bit using adobe photshop or vsco. but i like to keep it as natural as possible. if im being a lazybones then ill use my iphone. quick camera review: its fab! and no, i don't plan on jumping ship to a canon d60 anytime soon :)

my inbox is always open , so drop me a line to get in contact - or just leave a comment somewhere and i'll get back to you. i'd love to collaborate with you, your brand or just gossip over the latest news! for more info on working with me, please see the work with me page under the links tab or click the link here


the song "a few of my favourite things" I actually went to salzburg in 2014 & recreated do re mi w' friends!!!.

fresh fruit


cherry tomatoes

coriander (or cilantro for you foreign folks!)




airplanes (and airports!!)

music, my taste is really varied. some days I'm an old grandma, others a hipster teenager

languages!!!! I speak french and spanish

books. I'll read anything under the sun if it looks good

fresh flowers

art deco things

downton abbey

doctor who


typography - especially the hand-made kind

minimalism + masculine industrial

hipster cafes (because the coffee is almost better than the aesthetics)

social medias (mine are below or up in the navigation bar!)



i'm dairy free and so is little alice

no, i'm not vegan (although some recipes coincidentally are)

i. love. brunch.

i'm a student & 16 years old (yeah, not my hands in the photo)

i prefer lowercase to uppercase (obviously) although you may find an odd one every now and again

i love running, but sometimes can't much due to knee issues, so power walking is an excellent supplement. i end up feeling like a sassy middle aged woman in lycra with massive sunglasses.

i resent that some foods are only eaten at breakfast (show a pancake some afternoon love!!)

i'm right handed, but always wished i was ambidextrous 

i'm a firm believer than a nice cup of tea can fix anything. literally anything. coffee... not so much.

my bedroom is either a pigsty or super super neat and there is no in between.

i play piano and sing (la la la la la laaaaaaa!!) but only if you ask really nicely

i hate picking one favourite of anything, favourite music, band, book, colour.... i'm a multiple favourites person

i don't despise housework except for two things: changing sheets and emptying the bin under my desk (sorry mum!)

i'm a proud nerd #nerdlyfchoseme

also marvel over dc anyday

i like my music loud

my favourite blog posts are listed below!!

i add extra vowels in my words (colour and favourite) and use s instead of z (realise) because that's just how we roll here down under

my favourite posts