Chocolate & Chia + Choc Chip Protein Balls

i kind of have nothing interesting to write about this week, so let's talk about what happened in the last few days before the weekend.

we start on tuesday which saw me open the new week by nearly falling over at my locker standing still. the day rounded itself out with a rather pathetic game of ultimate frisbee in the freezing wind and rain, in which i was wearing gym shorts. needless to say it was not a good wardrobe call.

wednesday began honestly more promise, given the fact that i only pressed snooze twice. flash forward about three hours and i got cast as pretty much the designated "weirdo" in house drama, then got told by one of the staff that i was really authentic in my character role?!?!?!  the day picked up however, when i went online shopping in spanish. legally.    

the week peaked on thursday when i found a spare $4 in my skirt pocket. it was like a gift from me to me #christmasinuly. in a confusing turn of events, my french class consisted of jester hats and freshly made crepes. also a chorus of the french national anthem. lunchtime saw a visit to the school library where the librarian told me that he couldn't renew my books because they were too overdue. it kind of really fell apart later though. when the man at starbucks misspelt my name. i didn't realise jess was a hard one. jez. jez???????

friday warranted an early morning buzzfeed quiz, which told me that my ideal celebrity husband is chris evans (!!!!) and i'm not complaining. later that night however, after my brief stint as a pre-formal hair stylist, i got caught up in the vicious cycle of watching american idol auditions. two hours later, life resumed and i figured that maybe it was time for bed. it had been a long week.

i decided mid-week to go on a health kick  and thankfully these arrived to make getting started a tad easier!! made by they're vegan, dairy-free, with no added sugar and 100% natural. also very yummy!! thanks so much to sally for sending me some awesome mixes, for more info and to get your hands on some product yourself (which, let's be honest, you totally should!!) check out her website hereplease note: the ones i received did contain nuts so check the ingredients list on the website to be sure before ordering!! i tried the chocolate & chia balls, as well as the choc chip ones, but the recipe is the same for both!!

protein Balls 

{makes about 15 balls per pack}


1x fit mix packet (i made one set of choc chip balls and one set of chocolate & chia)

3 tbsp rice malt syrup

 2 tbsp coconut oil, melted*

3 tbsp water

*the mix packet called for 3 tbsp coconut oil, but i found i only needed 2. use as you think best

let's roll!

mix the dry mixture, rice malt syrup and coconut oil together in a large bowl. slowly add water (you may need less) until the mixture sticks together and is a roll-able consistency. 

refrigerate for about 30 minutes and store the balls in a sealed container! 

- jess x