cupcake frosting four ways + birthday fun!!


so it's someone's birthday today!! i've had this post planned for a while. since the start of march actually. freya. i do hope that you don't mind me mentioning you on the blog (if so, sorry, i'll pay you back in nutella cookies) and immortalizing you in a cake. boy i hope you like the cupcakes. crisis averted: i just texted you and you said you did :)

okay so here's a few things i have to say about freya. she has a kick-ass name (freja, although it's not official but i like to think it is...i think so does she) and she's really tall. like a beautiful giraffe or a luxuriously high ceiling. she swims very fast in the water and has a brilliant sense of humour. she makes the best salad i've ever had which features a lot of coriander and lemon (i.e. the best things ever) and lives in a very cool part of the world. she always texts back (a wonderful quality in a best friend) and makes everything she says, even over the phone, that tad more genius by the flamboyant hand movements and gestures - you don't need to see them to know they're there. she writes extremely well and is one of the kindest people i have ever met. we used to walk down from school to the train station everyday and our conversations ranged from news and current political events to the who's abs are better : ben c or tom h?????? it was great. she once made her own blue polka dot leggings to wear to house aths and we posed with our history teacher of the time and that photo is now on my wall.  her post card collection is practically award winning and we once sat on her trampoline surrounded by unripened olives in the middle of summer.

so happy birthday frey, and here's to many more!! mwah! xx 

now come over so we can eat these cupcakes together!! 

alrighty kiddos, here's what you're going to need: some piping bags (plastic or reusable is fine, i prefer plastic), various nozzles - specifics below, a palette knife and a mini spatula. you could use a knife to frost cupcakes in the place of a palette knife, but you'll find it slightly harder to manipulate. i've tried really really hard to explain the frosting methods below, but honestly using them in conjunction with the pictures above will be the most effective way to decipher my explanations.

for all the recipes (tutorials? how-to's?) you'll need about a dozen of my favorite dead-easy base model cupcakes along with a basic vanilla buttercream frosting. you could be fancy (is that a red velvet dancing with a rosewater and pistachio i see on the horizon...???) but honestly who has time for that when my mouth is going to be so occupied with general frosting tomfoolery and sprinkles. always the sprinkles. 

tahini : add 2 tb of tahini to your frosting. using a round nozzle on the small-ish side, pipe small dots of the stuff, pulling in towards the center before lifting off. keep your piping bag perpendicular to the cake and work from the outside in and slightly up if you so desire.

chocolate sprinkles: to your frosting add 1/2 c raw cacoa powder and 1 tsp vanilla almond milk.grab a palette knife (or a small spatula) and plop a ball of frosting atop your cake. flatten it in one circular motion and dust with sprinkles!

the rosewater rose: mix in 2 teaspoons of rosewater into your frosting along with enough gel/liquid/natural food dye to achieve a pale pink colour (try one teaspoon at a time, mixing between each addition).pipe using a flat shaped nozzle, starting from the centre of the cupcake around in circles, making the biggest circle last. hold the bag perpendicular to the cupcake and try and do one cupcake in one single movement, letting the frosting fold into itself all 'rosy' like. 

jammy stars: mix in 2 tb of strawberry jam into your buttercream. hold your bag perpendicular to the cake and pipe using a closed star shaped nozzle . make small stars as if you're making little dots on the cakes, pulling up as you finish each pipe

** all additional quantities are measured to work with enough butter cream for 12 cupcakes 

- jess!! 

pssst! thanks to almond breeze for supplying the milk for this post!! y'all should go check 'em out :)