(dairy & gluten free) double choc chip cookies + almond breeze giveaway!


it's been one of those weeks that just demands a cookie. intense, but ending on a sweet note. these exact ones were sold at a stall and then the leftovers were taken to my end of the day maths proof class. cookies and smiles all round! I certainly had my Oprah moment "you get a cookie, you get a cookie and everybody gets cookies!!!". alas, there was no thunderous applause and screaming, but i'm working on it. granted they were all too busy stuffing their faces so i really can't complain. 

between my revision of movement across cell membranes and choreographing routines to this, i somehow found the time to start reading a rather paradoxically titled novel "Trust me i'm lying" by mary elizabeth summer . keeping in mind that i'm only a few chapters in, the plot is promising and i'm hooked on finding out what happens next, but sadly i'm finding the writing less than fantastic  in places. which is tragic, since the plot is very well thought out!! i guess i'll see how the rest of the book pans out :) 

but coming back to this whole oprah thing. 

I'm holding my first ever giveaway on the blog! yay!

I've spoken about almond breeze before in this post (all their links will be down below!) but i thought i'd better bring it up again!! i've been collaborating with them for the past few recipes, you'll have noticed their milk featuring in my baked goods and smoothies. i'm not one of those people to take bribes from companies, if I've agreed to endorse a product, it's because i've really loved it. in this case, that's definitely true. 

i have tried my fair share of dairy free milks and often this is how it goes down. it starts off a tad bland, followed by mysterious lumps in the milk and goes off within a few days. often featuring cameos by mr. added sugar and ms. artificial flavoring. but, all cameos aside, the first time i tried almond breeze, i was blown away!! no sugars (in the unsweetened varieties - my personal preference), no added stuff, no weird lumps and it actually has taste!! and a good one too!!  

sooo, to end my rant, i think that if you're in the market for a dairy free milk, trying to reduce your animal product consumption or just want to try something new: give this a go!! and to top it off,  i'm giving away four bottles of almond milk!! it's long life, so won't go off in the post and after i contact the winner, they'll have the fun job of flavour selection! 

to enter: 1) subscribe to my newsletter 2) leave a comment telling me what your all time favorite cookie flavour is and 3) check out @almondbreezeaus on instagram!  i will reply to the winner in the comments below to notify them of their success!!  


for a vegan dupe: sub the egg for either some 'no-egg' or a chia egg. another big indicator with these cookies when baking, is their scent. they will make your kitchen smell like cookies and happiness when they're ready to come out!! hint: they go fast so make sure to grab one quickly!! 

double choc chip cookies (gf & df)

{makes 30 cookies}


250g vegan butter 

125g brown sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla essence

1 egg, room temp (important!)

1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

375g gluten-free plain flour (your preferred blend of choice)

1 teaspoon baking powder 

3/4 cup unsweetened cacao nibs

let's bake!

preheat the oven to 160 degrees celsius. 

cream the butter, vanilla and sugar together in a mixing bowl using the paddle attachment.  add the egg and beat until pale and creamy. 

sift the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder into the bowl and on low speed, combine. add the chocolate chips and combine well. 

roll  into tablespoon sized balls on two  lined tray s. bake for 22 minutes or until appear 'almost cooked'. leave to cool on trays before transferring to a wire rack. 

store in sealed jar and enjoy!