English Spinach & Roast Vegetable Salad

i was out eating lunch with freya this morning and we were talking about how august has been suuuper busy and then she casually mentions that "oh yeah it's september on tuesday".

???????????? how the flip is it september already. where did the year go???? down the back of the couch???? with all the loose change and single socks???? and to make matters worse, my head of school mentioned in an assembly that we have about 5 school weeks left before end of year exams start *dies*.  okay, granted there are three weeks of holidays in the middle of that time and christmas decorations are yet to be hung in supermarkets (thank goodness because although i love christmas i don't think i could deal with that in august), but still. 

my real question to you all is this: because time is flying, does that mean i am having fun???? cos i can tell you that exams aren't fun, that maths homework that i'm putting off ain't fun and the dishes after making a yummy cake certainly aren't fun. but i guess that eating the cake is fun, the feeling after exams is pretty great and quadratics can be... no wait....i was wrong, nothing about quadratics is fun. sorry quadratics. i love you and you're useful, but you're also a pain in my non-parabolic ass. and besides, my real allegiance lies with geometric proof... helloooooo congruent triangles :D  

so to conclude, here's a really simple salad recipe for you all because it's sunday and honestly who can be bothered. aren't all the best salads like that? easy, simple, throw together at the last minute affairs that are made for eating rather than looking. yeah i like those ones. this is one of them :) 


notes: we all love roasted vegetables, but, they can become too oily. i haven't put a definite amount of oil as it's mostly personal preference. a general guide however, is about 1 tablespoon. if you don't have access to english spinach that comes not in a bag, the bagged stuff is fine. english spinach simply has larger leaves, ideal for this salad, with lots of smaller components. make sure you wash the leaves properly either way. i haven't added a seasoning, as the oil from the roasted vegetables kind of does the job for us! 

English Spinach & Roasted Vegetable salad

{serves 4}


1/4 pumpkin

2 whole corn cobs, peeled

1 c cherry tomatoes, chopped

2 firmly packed cups of english spinach



preheat your oven to 180 degrees celsius. 

leaving the skin on (if you prefer) chop the pumpkin into medium sized pieces. 

running a knife along the sides of the corn cobs, remove all the kernels. place them, along with the cherry tomatoes and chopped pumpkin into a medium sized baking dish.  

lightly oil and season the vegetables with salt and pepper, before roasting for 40-60 minutes, or until fragrant and cooked through. 

to serve, layer the vegetables along with the spinach onto a large platter and serve warm or cold. 

- jess :)