i don't do anecdotes. this one time in year eight we had to write vignettes about a time in our lives, recounting memories and emotions and thoughts and feelings and make deep metaphors out of nothing. seriously though. nothing

it's not that i hate self reflection (although i hate writing self reflections at the end of projects, but somehow i don't think i'm alone on that one....) but i just don't like writing: "on the weekend we did this, then she said this and we felt this and it was great". NUP, NOT MY THING. 

ALSO WHAT'S NOT MY THING? milk chocolate. even before i found out about my non-lactose loving intestines i'd still avoid the two-tone freddo frogs for fear of the milk chocolate situation. 

but autumn is sooo my thing. hence this autumnal recipe. but the almost wintery colours, the leaves, the cold days with blue skies, the clothes, the knowledge that winter is coming.... and this jam. oh my lordy lord. it's blimey good. when my fig tree bloomed i think i nearly screeched. bonus: i had approximately, no wait, exactly three million figs in my fridge. bad news? the tree's dead. well not exactly dead, but it got cut down. so this is the only fruit it will ever bear (well with me anyway...) in jam form. a moment in silence please. 

now we're over that, this jam is wonderful. it's glorious. it's a "would you like some jam on your toast or some toast with your jam" kinda thing. my only warning: peel your figs with a paring knife. there is no other way. trust me. i've tried them all. also, this recipe would work fine with all kinds of figs, and no sugar thermometer is required :) 

to sterilise your jars // to avoid pesky bacteria and unwelcome dust particles in your jam jars, simply washing them isn't gonna cut it. to sterilise them, you'll need: your jars, hot soapy water, tea towels, a large pot (as in the largest pot you have - with a lid), a baking tray and an oven heated to 100 degrees. begin by washing your jars in hot soapy water, before drying them well. place the clean jars into the boiling water, along with their lids and leave them for 20 minutes. remove the jars from the pot carefully (tongs are a good call) and leave them to drip dry on a clean tea towel. once about 85% dry, transfer the jars onto a tray and leave in the preheated oven until required. be careful when pouring jam into the jars as they will be hot. funnels are a good idea.  

setting stage // setting stage essentially means that your jam has moved from 'sugary fruity liquid' into 'yummy thick jam' and you're ready to pop it into jars, seal and gift to friends. to test if setting stage has been reached, you'll need one saucer, a teaspoon and a clean index finger. take one teaspoon of your jam once it starts to look 'thick' and place a dollop of the stuff onto a cold saucer. leave it for a minute, before running your finger through the blob of jam. if two distinct segments are formed (i.e. they don't run back together... or anywhere else for that matter) then your jam has reached setting stage. hoorah!!  

fig jam

{makes about 800ml or three jars worth, depending on jar size}


800g figs, peeled and chopped

1  1/2 c brown sugar

1/2 c castor sugar

1 tb lemon juice

jam time!

combine figs, sugars and lemon in a large saucepan over low/medium heat, stirring occasionally. once the jam has reached setting stage (see above), pour into steralised jars (see above) and seal. 

- jess