grilled cheese and weeknight steak better hold onto their hats cos there's a new kid on the grill.

i know what you're thinking. i've officially lost the plot i mean who grills watermelon!??! i know i know, at first i was a sceptic too. but stay with me on this one okay??

grilling watermelon is like putting the two best things that ever happened to mankind. grilling and fresh fruit.  man discovered fire, then five minutes later discovered grilling. if i could, i'd grill everything. from vegetables, to meat, breads and now fruit. not much goes into grilled foods, but so much comes out. from the charcoal streaks to the smoky flavour. if chris pine was an actual pine nut - he'd be grilled.

but what about the fresh fruit? you say. other than being choc full of nutrients - it's waaay more versatile than we think. and there are hundreds of different fruits out there! fruit can be used in  every course at every meal. some extremists even do a vegan diet eating only. fruit.  like woah.  seriously - youtube it!  

the watermelon caramelises slightly and is set off by the tart vinaigrette, the cool cucumber balances out the equation, the sweet undertones of honey leave a gorgeous aftertaste and the creamy, crunchy ever-so-slightly roasted pine nuts add a welcome texture. this salad was truly, a delicious late lunch for one.

note: this recipe was made to serve one, so naturally, adjust for the size required. also a sprinkle of feta or goat's cheese wouldn't go astray if you felt so inclined. the olives do not need to be stuffed (or green for that matter really). that was all I had on hand. keep in mind that it is a salad after all, so there is quite a large leeway for creative differences - if you happen to find another great combination, i'd love to know!  


{serves one}


1/4  watermelon

3 tablespoons lightly  roasted pine nuts

1/2 cup spinach

1 spring onion piece. finely sliced 

3 sprigs of fresh mint

3 sprigs of fresh coriander (cilantro)

1/4 cup stuffed green olives

4 cucumber rounds

1 lime

1  teaspoon red wine vinegar


2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil

1 teaspoon honey


lightly oil a grilling pan over high heat. wait until pan is extremely hot. meanwhile, slice watermelon segments from the watermelon into large triangle, leaving the skin and white flesh on. slice these segments in half. carefully place the segments onto the very hot pan. leave for 3 minutes on each side.

whilst the watermelon is grilling, arrange the spinach, spring onion and cucumber on a plate. tear mint and coriander leaves from the sprig. drain olives (if required) and halve the lime.

remove the skin and white flesh from the watermelon and cut into small cube-ish pieces. arrange atop the spinach on the plate. sprinkle the olives and herbs, followed by the pine nuts.

to make the dressing, combine juice of half the lime, red wine vinegar, oil and a few cracks of pepper in a small jug. pour over the salad when ready to serve, to avoid soggy spinach.

drizzle with honey and serve with the segments from the un-used half of the lime.

- jess x