Holiday Scenes + A Birthday!


as the holidays are officially wrapping up for me over here, i felt it was only fitting to give a small homage to the last three weeks of my life. which, if the pictures would have you believe, involved lots of flowers and being in nature (????????) as well as a squirrel cake. basically i don't think that i bothered to capture the everyday moments that are studying and working because frankly, i didn't think you all wanted to scroll through artsy shots of my laptop and bakery uniform???

here's a short list of things that happened these holidays:

an ikea adventure (and i blogged about it!) that took a turn for the hilarious

the floorboards arrived at the house :) good news: we now have a floor

tom turned 14!!!!!!!!!!!! happy birthday not-so-little brother :):):)

it started to warm up in melbourne (i made ice-cream about it) and our rhubarb plant came back to life!!

october began with the monthly culling of netflix shows and movies, along with a new oreo flavour release

it was cherry's birthday!! happy birthday cherry! it was also tina and sharon's birthdays!!! 

i started reading an actual book again (it's been too long guys, blog posts and cookbooks are not always an accurate supplement!!)  and have decided that as a result, john green is a literary god. but we all knew that already. 

the little family of birds that had built a nest in our hedge came back for a short stint but sadly have relocated again. i'm hoping this warmer weather will bring them back to me #birdladyproblems

a new term, the final term, of the year began today and brought with it possibly the worst case of mondayitis i will experience all year. it also brings with it my official christmas countdown. now if you remember from last year, i. love. christmas. it's by far my favourite time of year. in fact, last week, i listened to my first christmas song of the season (!!!!) which was, as i'm sure you're simply dying to know, the glee cast cover of santa baby #noshame

so i wish all you students out there a good new term/semester/thing and good luck in your upcoming exams!! i will be back later in the week with a cool new recipe, but for now, i have to mourn my loss of spare time and probably do my science project or something........

- jess :D

p.s. 81 days til christmas!!!!