How To: Cake Pops {Df & Gf}

mother's day is like valentine's day. or fathers day. and it looks like easter and christmas will be soon joining the club. it's a time where supermarkets sell pj's in fifty shades of pink (becuase all mums like pink apparently) and chocolates are half price. we are easily sucked into the stereotypical-bordering-on-sexist advertising campaigns and somehow in the middle of it find a booking at a hipster cafe or waterfront restaurant for a family dinner on one of the busiest days of the month. 

each year we seem to focus more and more on the marketing and less on mums - forgetting what the whole day is about. so, from this moment on-wards, i renounce all aspects of mother's/father's/valentines day because why do we need a special day dedicated to telling someone that we love them?? can't we shower them with gifts and celebrate those we love the most every day??  

nevertheless, it's still worth sending mum a card and taking her out for lunch on mother's day. because maybe in all the business of our day-to-day lives, we forget to say hey mum by the way thanks for loving me and giving birth to me and cleaning my shoes and wiping the food off my face and mother's day is like a reminder of how lucky we are to have a mum.

because mums are a rare breed. they wipe drool, cook the best food, give lipstick kisses, embarrass you, comfort you, pay for your teeth to get fixed, come to boring school performances, stand up for you, tell you you're special and are your number one fans. you'd be hard pressed to find someone else in the world who'd do all that for you willingly and with a smile. 

so thanks mum, i love you lots and happy mothers day! xxx

notes: you can use whatever kind of cake you want for this. i used some leftover mocha cake  from my mocha mini cakes  .  either way you'll need about 100g cake per each tablespoon of frosting. the best kind of frosting that works with this is buttercream (i mean what doesn't work with buttercream right??!!) but variations of meringue frosting would also work too i'm sure.   also, hint with the dipping: use a fork to help you coat the cake pops and don't make them too big otherwise they fall off the skewers!!! 

cake pops {Df & gf}

{makes about 20 cake pops}


500g leftover gf cake, cooked and cooled

5 tablespoons df frosting (preferably buttercream)

250g  80% or more dark chocolate

1x skewer per cake ball

sprinkels and chopped nuts for decoration

let's bake!

crumb your cake and add the frosting. mix well until even consistency is formed. roll 3/4 tablespoonfuls of the mixture into balls and set onto a tray. 

meanwhile, melt the chocolate (either in the microwave or on the stove, up to you). dip the end of the skewer in the chocolate, then into one of the balls. repeat for each cake pop. 

refrigerate for one hour. 

once set, dip the balls into the melted chocolate, then into toppings, before returning to lined tray and the fridge until chocolate is set (about 30-50 mins). 

store in the fridge and enjoy! 

- jess! happy mother's day!! xx