congratulations everyone!! we're officially one twelfth of the way through twenty fifteen!!! only 48 weeks til Christmas!! not that i'm counting or anything... so here are some of my posts from THIS MONTH :)

school is back, holidays are over, 6am wake up time resumed, new years resolutions have (mostly) been abandoned and my imaginary tan has already faded. it appears my friends, that life has resumed to normal pace. the jess show has returned to regular program scheduling and mr holiday relaxation's cameo has ended.

and it's refreshing, as the start of a school year always is. I'm one of those weird people that enjoys being busy and taking public transport, jostling for my spot in a rush hour cafΓ© queue and having a packed to-do list. except I admit this to nobody, and when I do, am greeted with weird looks and the whole "mouth-open-eyes-wide" nod.  so i'll continue to complain about being back at school in front of my peers, but relish being properly busy in private.

to mark the end of the month, I've compiled a list of my all time favourites from January. and boy, there were some stunners. my biggest inspiration is my bloglovin feed (shameless plug: you can follow me on bloglovin! link to the right -->) and my favourite blogs like dolly + oatmeal and  call me cupcake, really came through with the goods this month!! well done lovelies!! also well done to everyone else in this list, each link truly is fabulous :) I look forward to February!!

January roundup

{wowzers that went fast! we're already through the first month of 2015?!?! full of resolutions and good intentions, let's see what links get loved the most from January!!}


joy got saucy!! ;)

banana bread got a makeover by one of my favourite bloggers!! (gf + df)

the farmer's daughter combined alice in wonderland with a df mint and mocha cake!

I've said it before and i'll say it again, why has nobody thought of this before????!!!

just a general blog love: made by mary (yay for bilingual!!!)

savoury galettes have a special place in my heart and this one is right up there!

a new discovery of mine, this blog  (and these scones!!!!!)

bakeware obsession of the month

finally a house to match my monochrome wardrobe

super bowl snacks? covered!

I loved a lot of cakes this month but this flourless chocolate and red wine Swedish cake looks fab

occaisionally eggs takes lunch to a whole new level

next birthday cake???  major brownie points for that!! 

I love it when: bloggers make faux bacon shortbreads

two red bowls does it again!!

black sesame and kumquat financiers!!! (gluten free!!!)

ditch the skinny jeans and go for these instead: hot chocolate snowball doughnuts

but my favourite post of this month (by far!) goes to dolly + oatmeal with this gluten and dairy-free chocolate layer cake w/ cacao macadamia mousse + coconut whip yay!!!

also, an honorary mention to this post here for the photography. her whole blog is amazing, but this one post in particular!!! wow!!!

also this video is suuuuper cute (and was made with over 1000 lattes?!?!!?) the video was made by Japanese instant coffee brand maxim stick :)

- jess x