Lazy-Girl Pancakes


guys guys guys i'm on holidays. eeek!! i said the other day to my friend that i was so excited i could spit!!! it's still true!! i've done lots of holiday appropriate things like watch season one of friends, go shopping for nothing in particular and coming home with loads, i excersised (guys i have time for exercise - this is a thing now!!!!) and i got a haircut. i say haircut but it was more like a chop in which i removed 2/3 of my existing hair. it doesn't even touch my shoulders anymore!!!

i feel like a new woman. heck, i am a new woman. a well rested woman with spare time, painted nails, swishy hair, time for exercise and hot beverages before midday, a clean room, aspirations and dreams about what the next two weeks will bring. 

you know the feeling when you're on the cusp of something - like holidays, a new year, a new house - and you think that you'll be all organised, focused, neat..... but eventually reality rudely interrupts your expectations and reveries, reminding you that nothing much has changed - except for the obvious fact that time has passed. you will, chances are, not hold true to your innocent and naive vows you once made. rather, you'll find yourself sticking to your old ways.

unless, you are among the small determined few who undergo immense change. not big change - immense. they who keep their word, holding true to their virtuous proclamations. those who order the skinny lattes, vacuum each week and don't throw clothes onto the floor. those who keep a diary, actually complete their to do lists and never have moldy fruit in the fruit bowl because they ate it all.  

they, ladies and gentlemen, are the ones who should be feared. like those who are comfortable sleeping butt naked, they are another species altogether - full of determination, grit and the stuff of graduation speeches. two roads diverged and they chose not the one that was less traveled, but decided to make their own road altogether.

i aspire to be one of those people, to forge my own way through life. sadly i'm, like many hundreds of thousands, in a school system where i cannot just flock to the mountains or take off to mars for the lols. so i must accept these limitations pressed upon me, and continue forging. because as i've been told by many a twenty-something it gets better. this is a point proven even more, by the high school yearbook photos of famous celebrities. i for one, like to keep in mind that even though i sometimes resent the situation, i'm lucky to even be attending school in the first place.  

alas, in the meantime, i will enjoy my pause in forging, and take these two weeks off school to enjoy freedom and liberation. who knows, i might even take off for the mountains. πŸ˜‰

notes: these are called lazy-girl pancakes because when your half asleep and in desperate need of breakfast - coherent thought is hard. so, this mix is a one bowl mix that's fast, easy and has as little ingredients as possible. they're gluten free, dairy-free, coeliac friendly and yummy. also, you'll need to flip them earlier than you think you will - just a heads up. the chia seeds will, during the standing time, expand and absorb some of the liquid - this giving the batter a thicker consistency. so, don't cut corners, this bit is super important!!! 


{makes 8 small pancakes}


2 eggs

1 very ripe mashed banana

4 tbsp almond meal

2 tbsp chia seeds

2 tsp baking powder



whisk all the ingredients together until smooth and slightly foamy. leave to stand in the fridge for 15 mins (the longer you leave it to stand, the thicker it will become as the chia seeds expand)

pour the mixture into a jar and lightly grease a non stick pan with coconut oil (i said lightly!!). pour about tablespoon and a half of batter into the pan. leave until you see the first big bubble pop then flip immediately and carefully. repeat until you've used all your batter. 

serve warm with some fresh fruit and 100% maple syrup! 

- jess! 

psst - i'm not actually taking off for the mountains, but i'm taking off for singapore!! tomorrow morning i'll be on a plane flying from cold melbourne winters to hot and humid equator life!! see you when i get back!! :D