you may or may not be familiar to the term bae. used by internet users (specifically on tumblr) of the younger generations (i.e. my own) it stands for before anyone else. basically if someone is your bae they are your one and only best bosom friend and you love them a bunch. or they're your celebrity crush. a common context for this word is a twitter status or snapchat caption  "chillin with the baes" 

well salsa is one of my baes. i'm a big dip person. hummus, guacamole, salsa, tahini, beetroot dip, relish.....s'all good. some other baes include my dearest amigas (you know who you all are), benedict cumberbatch, david tenant, captain america, rick astley (never gonna give you up!!!!), tom hiddleston and of course you! reading this! hello bae!!! my bestest bae actually made me a bae t-shirt. i'm wearing it now. it has all the baes I listed (plus gollum from lord of the rings!) on it and I love it a bunch.

anybae (heheh geddit??), the point is I lurrrrve me some salsa. and being summer here in australia and all, between excessive sweating, downton abbey + call the midwife marathons and bouts of acne from too much sunscreen on my face, it occurred to me to make a summer salsa! soooo here it is! and for all you winter goers out there, struggling through snow and rain and boring grey days (you lucky devils i'm extremely jealous), some colour in your food could be just the thing you need! besides, you don't want to have toooo much comfort food, otherwise you'll start looking like a pudding yourself!!! eeekkk!

(although secretly I would really like to see actual people puddings running around the northern hemisphere on the news so if that happens someone take a photo for me and show me via instagram @_alittlealice k thanks bae)

so like justin timberlake supposedly brought sexy back, i'm bringing summer salsa back!! grab your sombrero and maracas and let's get started!!!  


mango & peach salsa

{serves six}


1 mango

1 peach

1 yellow nectarine

6 cherry tomatoes

1 tomato

fresh mint, to taste

fresh coriander (cilantro), to taste

1 spring onion stick

3 teaspoons lime juice

1 tablespoon lemon juice

3 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil

2 teaspoons sweet chilli sauce


finely dice mango, peach, nectarine and tomato. quarter the cherry tomatoes and finely slice the spring onion, mint and coriander.

combine all fruits and vegetables, lemon juice, lime juice and olive oil in a bowl. drizzle on sweet chilli sauce and serve. will keep in the fridge for two days.

stay tuned for a post coming later this week with part two! the pita chips to enjoy with your lovely salsa :)

- jess x