Matcha & Rosewater Macarons

it's the northern hemisphere summer time and whilst dad & tom are parading off to the snow here in melbourne, everybody on my instagram feed is lounging on beaches wearing neoprene swimwear and blocky sunglasses (!!!???). i mean, deep down i'm a #sweaterweather lover for life, but sometimes i like to pretend that i enjoy the warmer months and crap on about how i'm freezing my ears off in this winter weather.

or maybe i just like complaining??? *gasps*

but seriously guys it was 3 degrees this morning when i left for school. we all sat in the car and awkwardly waited for the ice to melt off the windshield (!!!!) and i laughed at how people always think australia is hot (ΰ² __ΰ² )

anywho when kitchenbowl emailed me and asked me for a summer baking recipe i said sure!! i can do that!! so i donned my bright floral apron and macaroned (apparently that's a verb now...) my way into a tropical state of mind for an afternoon. and i had fun!! there's just something about midweek baking that just tickles me pink as a rosewater macaron. the recipe for these babies is up on my kitchen bowl account along with step by step instructions. because macarons are tricky little buddies and getting them wrong is just a sticky sugary (delicious) almond mess.

- jess :)

p.s.  for more macaron goodies (and the difference between a macaroon and a macaron!!) check out my last macaron post here :)