A Birthday, A Cupcake & A Two Coffee Morning

exciting news that you probably have already heard: the trailer for the next star wars movie is out. now we say 'next' but really by now i think we've all lost track of prequels, sequels and natalie portman's hair styles, so i like to make it a surprise in the movie theater and just go with it - enjoying the nerdy goodness in all it's glory.

the next order of business is the thing about the title: it's says "a" cupcake, as in singular cupcake, as in one. uno. un. unem. it lies. it's more like one whole lot of cupcakes that are now spread throughout my kitchen ready to be shipped off for noshing and one slightly exhausted, but satisfied, me. this morning  took that extra bit of oomph to get me going. it's what i like to call a two coffee morning. why? exams. now i don't know about the rest of you gallivanting around various parts of the globe, but here in melbourne, secondary students everywhere are realising that oh my god exams just started gahhh. guess it's time to make the cue cards. 

so i've been plunged into a world of bound references, vce answer re-writes & analyses, past exams, chapter reviews, cue cards, key questions, colored pens, clear pencil cases, label-free drink bottles, practically thinking in caps and italics, notes, notes and more notes. nowadays the things that give me joy are neatly set  contents pages in bound references, new pens, flowers on my desk and that feeling after i clean my glasses (seriously though, it's like everything suddenly makes sense because i can see!!). ooh and chewing gum. and tea. maybe coffee. 

needless to say, it's a wild ride. 

i don't really know how one segues from exams to cupcakes (okay now that i think about it the two are more closely linked than they may first appear...) but i'm going to try. i like my cupcakes like i like my cue cards.  simple, aesthetically pleasing and easy to digest. there should be no weird textures, the cake should be equally as yummy as the frosting and extra points are awarded for hidden surprises inside (like funfetti cakesbiscuit and jam bases ,  gender reveals and pinata fillings). sprinkles, chopped nuts and melted chocolate on top are held in high regard, but what trumps them all is frosting technique and type. butter-cream or meringue? fondant or marzipan? all crucial decisions one must make when venturing into the land of small, sugary cakes. 

i trust you'll make the right choice my young padawan. may the force (and the chocolate sauce) be with you. 

i made these cupcakes for a really belated birthday celebration for nannie!!!!!!!!!!!! they're also the recipe i used for the cake pops in my last post here For the gluten-free self-raising flour, take your preferred gf flour blend and add 2 tsp baking powder. Or do what i did and find a really great gf SR flour (for all the australians out there, aldi supermarkets have a really great one!!).   


{makes 18 cupcakes}


150g vegan butter

3 eggs

2 tsp vanilla extract

100ml coffee

75g melted 80% dark chocolate

2 cups gf self-raising flour (see above notes!)

1/3c unsweetened almond milk


for the frosting

200g vegan butter

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 tablespoons almond milk

450g icing sugar

**note: for a thicker frosting, add more icing sugar, for a thinner frosting, add less

let's bake!

preheat your oven to 180 degrees C/360 degrees F 

cream your butter, sugar and vanilla in an electric mixer until sugar is mostly dissolved. add the eggs, chocolate, coffee and milk before mixing until pale and thick. add the flour, 1/3 cup at a time and mix on a slow speed, increasing to high once all the flour has been added. 

spoon tablespoonfuls of the mixture into cupcake cases in a muffin tin and bake for about 20 minutes of until a skewer comes out clean. they do rise quite a bit so you really only need a heaped tablespoon per cupcake!!

to make the frosting

cream your vegan butter, milk and vanilla for about 5 minutes until pale. add the icing sugar in small batches slowly building the speed after each addition (unless you like icing sugar dust storms in your kitchen, in which case start on high and enjoy!)

grab a palette knife, ice you cupcakes and decorate as you please! 


- jess!