Vanilla & Orange Friands

howdy. okay so lemme get straight into it. mum doesn't eat wheat (she's fructose intolerant). this, you would think, would result in cake-less cafe visits, however, as gluten-free things become more and more "hipster" "trendy" and readily available , you'd actually be surprised. instead, it has resulted in a wide and varied consumption of friands over the years. what is a friand i hear you ask?  well, basically it's a small french cake often mistaken for a muffin, featuring almond meal. no flour is used in it's making (therefore, not a muffin).

all intestinal dramas aside, mum also has a thing where she always picks the best food options whenever we eat out. every time!!! i'm here with my standard macaron, whereas mum has ordered a berry friand. doh! i swear she has the magic touch - it should be on her cv. but i've learned my lesson, and in order to prevent all of you from making the same mistakes as i, i've compiled a short public service announcement in list form as to why friands are fabulous. let's go:  

perk number one // friands, other than making you feel hella fancy (especially if you've a green juice or cold-brew drip hemp milk skinny latte in tow)  are also, as i've learned from experience, an excellent thing to bring to a "bring a plate" morning tea. why? they cater for everything!!! especially these ones, being gluten free, fructose free, dairy free, coeliac friendly & really tasty. 

okay now i really need a green juice. *pauses and returns with a juice* 

perk number two // frequently in berry or citrus varieties, these will fill the hole inside your soul that yearns for something more sophisticated than your standard white chocolate and raspberry muffin. also, they're much smaller and ideal for one!!!!!!

perk number three // they are the end to all dessert thieves!! now, when someone asks to steal your friand because they stupidly ordered a macaron when really they were in the mood for cake, you can say: "sorry i can't give you some because the portion is verging on the small side as it is" and then quickly return to noshing on your midday snack. 

perk number four // they come in pretty shapes, which naturally improves the taste as well. duh. 

psa complete. to infinity and friand ;)

the recipe for these is up on kitchenbowl! you can download the app or visit my profile on the website here :) either way, it's step by step and you get friands at the end. win! win! win! 

- jess :)