hey guys! welcome to 2016!!! i'm gonna jump on the "where did 2015 go??" bandwagon and just reuse my resolutions from last year because i'm eco-friendly like that. i've been taking a break for a while, you probably noticed a lack of updates around here, but i'm back and ready for whatever the year brings…unless they cancel sherlock in which case i will never be ready for that, i'm too emotionally invested already.

over my break i went away with my family to port fairy (sadly no actual fairies but i promised i looked!!!) and celebrated christmas in forty degree weather - no christmas jumper opportunities here. but how was your new years?! did you see fireworks?!? did you stay home?!?! did you sleep your way into 2016!? did you party!? i basically just spent the night on tumblr and called it a party - granted tumblr can be a pretty wild place.

i'd like to take a sec to get a bit mushy here, and thank all of you who visited little alice this year, read my musings, rants and thoughts and left the sweetest comments on posts! it means a lot that people out there (even though i'm fairly sure that it's 90% people i know irl *coughs* hi mum) support what i'm creating on here. i hope 2016 is as awesome and filled with joy for you all! as always, if you have any suggestions or things you want to see here on the blog, let me know!! or even i you just want to say hi! i'd love to hear from you :) ok i'll stop being mushy now. 

my mind has had to shift from endless holiday lolling about to getting schoolwork done before we go back on at the end of the month - for which, much like the cancellation of a loved tv show, i am not prepared for. mostly because i don't want to start thinking about emails and essays again, but also because i'm in the middle of moving house! remember how i've been slowly updating you guys on a renovation? well, it's finished…almost. as I'm writing this, we moved in yesterday :):):) so i'm a sailor in a sea of cardboard boxes. ahoy m'hearties i've got to go build a wardrobe or something…but i'll be back soon to kick start 2016 with some cool recipes and house photos! 


- jess :)