whilst we were in madrid last week we caught a super-fast train (read: zoooooooooom) and spent a day in segovia - aka the most beautiful place ever. we frolicked around the castle and had lunch in the main square (ummm hello roasted capsicum salad), before walking through the streets around all the little yellow and orange houses to find the aqueduct. no, not the aqua-duck, the aqueduct. i wish it was the aqua-duck. can we rename all aqueducts, aqua-ducks?? k thanks. 

aside from the look, temperature, language, age and feel of the small countryside town, the biggest difference between segovia and melbourne (i mean let's be honest they're in completely different universes) was the fact that everybody goes for a long-lunch-possibly-a-siesta-situation at about two o'clock, and doesn't return until at least four. now i mean, i'm on team naps! naps! naps! for shizzle, but the entire town shut down for lunch, leaving us with not much to do other than cafΓ©-hop around town and walk the length of the aqueduct (aqua-duck? are we going with that?). which, to be fair, wasn't necessarily a bad thing since segovia, other than being on team naps! naps! naps! is also on team free tapas! so when you buy a drink, chances are you'll get free food.

we caught a cab from the train station in segovia to the alcazar castle and saw all the pretty rooms and the old chemistry labs (!!!) oh be still my poor little nerd heart, I almost couldn't cope. aside from the old paintings an beautifully ornate roofs, a clear highlight was seeing the old lab glassware in the museum portion.  

so all in all, a town of free food, pretty houses and naps. what's not to love???????

 next stop granada! 

- jess

p.s. madrid was amazing  and i'll tell you all about it later. but now it's time to finish my audiobook of pride and prejudice. bye!