here's what an average day in singapore-jess' life looked like: 

wake: wake up and wait in bed until the very possible last minute before sashaying out the door downstairs to breakfast.  

wait: for the bus to take you to the desired place of activity for the day. 

math: make a model car, solve some problems, eat some lunchbox lunch, drink a juice box, do some more math, present findings, take photos, drink another juice box. 

nosh and nom: present self in the car park for shipment off to various asian cuisine experiences for dinner (korean bbq buffet anyone?!?!?!?!?). enjoy some tropical equator fruit for desert - maybe a juice too for the lols. 

roll: into bed nursing a full stomach and a happy self. dream of durian, roller coasters and pretty tropical flowers. 

**repeat as many times as desired. optional: include a visit to universal studios and lots of polaroid taking!!!!

i went to singapore last week for the singapore maths modeling forum and challenge 2015 (or smmfc2015 for short). we did maths, had fun, drank juice boxes, made cars, did face masks, went shopping, ate yummy foo and pulled excellent selfie faces. 

i now have friends in one of the smallest, cleanest countries in the world and they're fabulous. thank you to all my new buddies for showing me around and welcoming me into your school and theme parks for a week!! i wish you all the best and that you air cons never break because man is it hot and humid over there!! 

see that big red and blue roller coaster down there? yeah, i went on that :) :) it was great!!! woooooosh! i secretly felt like i was playing quidditch, but not the lame muggle kind. 

daiso - where everything is magical (and $2!)

people, places and things

food republic - hawker style food court set up, featuring the best singapore has to offer. lot of variety and choice! hint: follow the crowds and eat there!  

korean bbq buffet - located in tampines mall, this place is basically a cook-it-yourself all-you-can-eat korean bbq joint. nuf said. 

lucky plaza - located in orchard rd, singapore's main shopping precinct, lucky plaza is one of the central hubs for shopping! everything is within walking distance: shops, food, you name it! it's very very busy and doesn't even slow down at night!! i don't know how they do it!!

marina bay sands tower - we saw a really cool light show, observed singapore from the 56th floor and ate a really cheap and yummy dinner!!! what's not to love? great for photos, definitely bring your camera!

metropolitan ymca - this is where we stayed. despite local rumours and ghost stories about the place, the service was great, breakfast pretty good and beds very comfortable! the bathrooms were very nice (they had a rain shower?!?!?) and we weren't able to hear every noise from adjacent rooms which is always a plus. the hotel was able to call taxis (that actually came fast) on the regular and breakfast was included!!! the coffee is terrible though, but maybe i'm just a melbourne coffee snob.  

red hill hawker market - it might look slightly dodgy, but i promise you it's not!! we ate at the yellow stall just under the 85 (83?) sign  out the front. explore inside and take advantage of the freshly made fruit juices and vendors closer to the back of the market. sugarcane juice is amazing, as is the freshly carved durian! but be weary, durian isn't for the faint hearted! 

sentosa - basically an island off singapore where all the fun stuff is. a tourist must!! (universal studios is there too!)

tampines shopping mall - another stock standard shopping mall, featuring daiso (only the land of my dreams) and some excellent restaurants (sensing a theme? basically all the food is good in singapore)

universal studios singapore - self-explanatory, like movie world on steroids. tip: get there early at 10 am when the park opens, that way the queues are shorter for the popular rides (also the heat is slightly lessened). food is overpriced, as usual at these places, and queues are much longer than in australian theme parks. nevertheless, a fun day out!

- j 

p.s. a big thanks to the organisers and facilitators of smmfc 2015!! our school group had a ball!!!