Small Batch Pear Crumble

there is less than a week until christmas and i am officially of the opinion that christmas makes people crazy. i work at a  shopping center and when i get home from my shift i need to pause for a moment in silence just to get used to being alone again. 

so. many. people. 

and i know i feel like i'm always grumbling on here about the weather, but let's just say that australian summer is officially here. it has been close to (if not above!!!!) 40 degrees (that's 104 for you fahrenheit people) every day this week and i'm just about ready to marry my air conditioning unit. the thing with hot weather, is that you think fans will solve the problem. noooooope. they just blow the hot air around the room at a faster pace and finally give you a reason to use those paper weights you got gifted a few years ago. hehe i knew they'd be useful someday!! 

but today i'd thought i'd share something different (heat has given me many gifts, lots of extra time to think while being locked indoors is one)  before we get onto the recipe, i'm going to also share with you how i prepare for christmas.

step one: hoard all the internet bookmarks, magazines, cute decorations, pinterest boards and wrapping papers in one spot, before busting out mariah carey when you're home alone and use them all to mentally prepare for the holiday season.

step two: become sad that it's hot in melbourne in december and  hate the universe for an afternoon because i want snow. put on your christmas jumpers in denial.  play exclusively wintery carols.

step three: put up the wonky and almost falling over christmas tree complete with daggy carols in the background. wearing santa hats is compulsory. the christmas jumpers may still be around, it depends on what stage of snowless grief you're in. buy the christmas presents all in one go and then hide them under your bed until ready for wrapping. 

step four: start christmas baking. gather the cardboard together for the gingerbread house templates. decorate your room with christmas themed things (candles included). you might try and be discrete, but you'll soon find that nothing about christmas is discrete. this is also the time where you can start wrapping your presents and writing cards.

step 5: by now you should have your carols playlist down, your santa hat starting to smell and needing a wash from over use and the gingerbread should be in the oven. congratulations. you're ready for #littlealicechristams and probably a lie down. go team! 

side note: i know that this isn't a festive recipe at all, but sometimes i just need a fruity and spicy crumble for one and i figured that sometimes, you might too! 

i'm gonna tell you a secret: this is perfect for one person and takes literally no time to make. it may as well be called lazy girl crumble - festive edition because those spices made my kitchen smell like christmas. my only caution would be that please pretty please make sure that your almond topping doesn't burn!!! also please be careful when taking your ramekin out of the oven, those things get hot!! i kind of feel like cheating with this recipe because it is literally the easiest thing i've ever posted on the blog, but the recipe is truly delicious and i couldn't deny you the pleasure :) (it will also help you pretend that melbourne has white christmases, given the wintry nature of the pear and spices, even in 40 degree heat)

Small Batch Pear Crumble

{serves one}


1 pear, cut into small chunks

2 tb golden syrup

1/2 tsp mixed spice 

1/2 tsp allspice

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 c almond meal


preheat the oven to 180 degrees C.

coat the chopped pear with half the golden syrup and the mixed spice and allspice. place this into the base of a medium sized ramekin. 

combine the almond meal and the cinnamon in a small bowl. press this on top of the pear chunks in the ramekin. drizzle the remaining golden syrup on top. 

bake the crumble for 15-20 minutes, or until fragrant and golden brown on top. serve warm and enjoy. 


- jess