time for a nostalgic post today I think. *the mass groaning commences*

so here's a short list of places you can often find me: loitering at the local library, opening, closing then reopening the fridge, at my desk trollin' the internet, walking and running (or trying to) around my local garden track, behind a camera, at the cinema, with the family, with the friends, at some train station and down the street near school. and I have to say, at some point this week, I've been to all of them.

and then we were in safeway, strolling through those precarious metal gates (I saved a small child from being crushed there once, but that's another story...) and mum says the famous words: I think i'm going to make tuna burgers for tea. yes mum. yes.

now to you, that probably doesn't mean much, but lemme finish. these were a staple in my childhood dinner regime and are not to be missed. I have very fond memories of mum and I mixing and mashing and rolling and frying tuna burgers, then eating them in various different ways. in a bun, with a salad, with vegies.....you name it and it goes with tuna burgers. they're the kind of thing that if I ever become famous or important enough to write actual published memoires, will appear under the "my childhood culinary experiences" chapter. that and apricot slice, nannie's stew, granny's shepard's pie, dad's risotto and pa's sausage rolls. ooh! and nannie's passionfruit sponge cake!!! now that's a winner. yuuuummm!!!!

the best thing about making your own rissoles or patties or burgers (depending which suburb or country you live in), is that you're dealing with the 'meat' of the burger. you can add flavour not just through sauces, a situation many are faced with upon purchasing the store-bought kind, but also through spices, vegetables, herbs, breadcrumbs, more sauces, salt and pepper. and then you have the power over not only texture, but also flavour, hold-together ability, and size!!!


for you must respect the burger and treat it with love. not only are you, as the chef, entitled to make sure that it's a) a good tasting burger, but  also you must cook it appropriately. a good burger deserves a good fry right?!?!?! and finally, the bun of choice and accompanying sauces and salads, must go with and let the burger shine in all it's delicious, mouth watering burgerlicious glory.


{it's already week two of 2015 (!!!!)  and surely you diets are over by now, so let's see what was delectable this week!!!}


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i'm dreaming of cold weather and these gorgeous tarts from local milk are bringing winter through my screen!!!!

can my house look like this??? k thanks :)

best christmas gift ever: the horse watches. love!! mine is this one

she's made a succulent out of marzipan atop a cake. it doesn't get much better

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when the words "pure comfort food" title a post (especially this one about braised pork belly kimchi stew) it's like music to my ears (or eyes really since i'm reading it but that's beside the point)

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this enamelware is definitely lust worthy.


{makes 10 burgers}


1 large sweet potato

1 large white potato

3 spring onion stick

 juice of 1/2 a lime

coriander (cilantro), to taste (about four sprigs is a good start)

parsley (see coriander note)

450g canned tuna


1 egg

1 1/4 cups breadcrumbs

butter (I used dairy free substitute)

olive oil


cook and mash the two potatoes. you should end up with about 650g of mashed potato mixture. transfer to a large bowl.

to the potatoes, add the spring onion, lime juice, coriander, parsley, tuna, a few cracks of pepper, egg and 1/4 cup of breadcrumbs. mix well to combine.

roll the burger mix into medium size patties, about 3cm thick. roll the shaped burgers in the remaining breadcrumbs, until fully covered.

drizzle about a tablespoon of oil and melt about two teaspoons of butter in a pan. when beings to sizzle, add the first round of burgers. leave for about 4 minutes on one side, before flipping for another 3 on the other.

continue until all burgers are cooked.

serve with salad, in a bun or with vegies. the burgers go really well with sweet chilli sauce.

note: the recipe is very fluid. it can be changed (and often is) each time someone makes it. depending on the consistency and the size of your potatoes, you may need to either add more or omit completely the breadcrumbs in the mixture. I don't ever fry anything with both butter and oil except for these burgers. the combined use of the two makes for a very crispy and golden outer coating. you can also substitute the tuna in this recipe for salmon, swapping the lime for lemon.


- jess x