so I succumbed and made a valentines day post. despite the totally commercial aspects to valentines day, ridiculous amounts of miniature stuffed bears with cute patchwork and the painful reminder that you may die forever alone, I get a kick out of valentines day. not the movie though, not the movie.  

valentine's day happens to roll around every year (fun fact!) and when it does, people hand me free roses down the street, cupcake central has their red velvet cupcakes and the comedian train commentator at Richmond station wishes everyone a happy lovers day. the tv channels play sappy movies and the smooth talker radio guy croons at audiences sending "special messages to your loved ones" and dedicating songs. florists have their busiest day, Victoria's secret advertises themed lingerie. people wear various hues of red and pink (some ironically, some not so much) and I find I'm either listening to 12 year olds complaing how they're so painfully alone to their friends on the train or scrolling through the never ending couples "i love you" posts on instagram and facebook. ahh the joys of the most romantic day of the year.

in all seriousness though, I s'pose I get slightly caught up in the "oohs" and "ahhs" of lover's day, and I honestly couldn't care less that I, dare I say it, don't have a boyfriend. but if you do have someone in mind, these jars could be a fabulous (and cute) gift. or you could eat them as individual cakes all in one sitting whilst watching the notebook. up to you :)  

so to all you lovebirds out there, hangin' with your special someone, I wish you a totally cheesy, rom-com worthy, memorable and equally romantic valentines day and hope that all your flowers bloom their best and biggest.  

and to all those lone wolves: whether your relationship status is forever alone, so tragic it'd give Shakespeare a run for his money,or you're relishing your unattached single-dom,  take a day to pamper yourself or chill with some (also single - this is a must) gal pals//best mates. mwah!! xxx



red velvet cakes

{makes 16 cakes | dairy free + gluten free}


125g vegan butter

3/4 cup castor sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 eggs

1 1/4 cup preferred gf flour blend

1 teaspoon baking powder

1/4 cup 100% cocoa powder

1/2 cup almond (dairy free) milk

2 teaspoons red food colouring


for the meringue frosting

170g castor sugar

3 egg whites

2 tbsp cold water

1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

optional: 1/2 teaspoon red food colouring


let's bake!

preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius and grease a muffin tray. 

beat butter, sugar and vanilla in the bowl of an electric mixer until pale, creamy and fluffy (10-12 mins). Gradually add eggs and beat well.

add the flour, baking powder and cocoa powder and milk. beat until just combined. gradually add the food colouring and mix gently.

spoon tablespoonfuls of the mixture into each muffin tin. bake for 15-20 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean. cool on wire racks. 


to make the meringue frosting + to assemble

this is best done, if possible in the bowl of your electric mixer. if this isn't possible, you can use a metal bowl and a hand mixer. 

simmer about 2 cups of water on the stove in a large pot. making sure that the water doesn't touch the bottom of your bowl, when placed on top of the saucepan. 

rest bowl over the now simmering saucepan, continuously whisking until sugar is dissolved. make sure your mixture doesn't boil and that all sugar is dissolved, otherwise you'll have grainy frosting. the mixture should reach about 70-75 degrees Celsius before you take it off the heat. 

once mixture has reached the desired temperature, quickly attach the bowl to your electric mixer and beat on high for about 10 minutes until stiff glossy peaks form. transfer frosting to a piping bag.

pipe either directly onto cakes, or layer cakes and frosting in a jar as a gift. will keep in the fridge for 3-4 days.


optional: once the frosting is ready and before you transfer it to a piping bag, paint stripes using food coloring down the sides of the bag. this will create a pink swirl through your frosting.. 


- jess xxxxxx