Vegan Chocolate Popsicles #PopsicleWeek

what an exciting week!! bloggers all over the world come together to make popsicles of all different colours and flavours!! (want the list? check this link here!). i'm so into it.

it feels very counter intuitive to be eating popsicles at this time of year, especially since it's been grey and gloomy all week. but - exciting times ahead because school holidays started this weekend!!  yay! i can't tell you how long i have waited for this mid-year break, i think most students would tell you that they are so exhausted right now *slurps tea* tea has caffeine in it right?!?!?

i thought that this week i'd give you all a bit of an insight into how i plan make a recipe here on ALA, so i'm gonna walk you through the popsicle planning process! 

it began with planning a breakfast berry option - before remembering how annoying getting frozen berries to not taste icy after re-freezing them is *gah*, so in the trash that idea went. i then moved onto contemplating a raspberry lemonade situation, before remembering the great raspberry lemonade overdose of 2009 and thinking that i've still got at least 2 years before i don't break into a sweat at the thought of the stuff. 

to be honest i had to have a sit down and a cup of tea after that. 

i then proceeded to imagine a tea flavoured one - perhaps matcha? - but then remembered that i've used matcha here, here and here already on ALA. the thought of green matcha led me to green smoothies and hey how about a green smoothie popsicle! i asked a friend at this point (i thought i'd made serious ground here) and she said jess people h8 green smoothies in liquid form and now you want to feed them frozen kale and spinach on a stick????????.

so i made another cup of tea. 

a few slurps, some marshmallows and an episode of OINTB later, i decided to ditch the greens and stick with the smoothie idea. how about oats, peanut butter and banana? apple and raspberry? orange and strawberries? mixed berries? no...wait....i got it: a vegan breakfasty popsicle. oats, banana, cacao and some awesome chocolate almond milk with some cheeky goji berries. 

so i tested it. and tested it. and tested it some more. and finally we have a beautiful recipe for you all!!! yay!! 

these popsicles are vegan, but i used honey to sweeten as a personal preference. agave syrup is a great substitute if it suits you better. if goji berries aren't your thing, some awesome alternatives are nuts (peanuts! hazelnuts! almonds!), seeds (chia seeds! sesame seeds! pumpkin seeds!), coconut and dried raspberries.  

vegan chocolate popsicles

{makes 4 popsicles}


1/4 c rolled oats

2 ripe bananas

1 1/2 tsp raw cacao powder

1 tb  honey (or agave syrup for vegan option)

100 ml chocolate almond milk

50g dark chocoalte, melted

1 tb goji berries (optional)


blend all the ingredients together until smooth. divide the mix evenly between the popsicle mold containers. add the sticks to each popsicle and freeze for between  1 1/2 - 2 hours.

remove the popsicles from the molds and drizzle them with chocolate. sprinkle some goji berries if desired and serve immediately. 

want more popsicle goodness? use the hashtag #popsicleweek on your socials to find other cool bloggers and recipes! 

thanks to almond breeze for sending me the milk used in this post. find the link here!