Vegan Ice-Cream

it's been really warm in melbourne these past few days (i'm writing this with my window open in a sundress!!!!!) so i've been pondering one of life's more important questions: let's say that i have a picnic. now let's say that i have it in spring. my question is - does that make it a spricnic? 

you can tell no doubt, where my mind has been this past week. it feels like only yesterday i was telling you all about how the holidays have started and i'm off to singapore and wow we're halfway through the year and this is so great. that my friends, was 11 whole entire weeks ago. 

???????? how did this happen? where did term three go? shit!! my end of year exams start in a five weeks!! is there no end???!!! but ah yes my dears, there is an end and it's coated in christmassy and sweaty aussie summer goodness. oh festive season how i've missed thee. 

i'm getting a bit ahead of myself here, so instead i'm going to tell you all the wonderful things i plan to do in my three week september break.  

one// go to the gym before eating cake for lunch

two// making the cake i'm going to eat for lunch out of cool new flour combos i'm going to experiment with

three// come up with a cake recipe for the upcoming 1 year anniversary of little alice!!

four// sleep in til whenever because i can

five// finish pretty little liars so i can feel #accomplished

six// read and maybe buy sarah's new cookbook!!! it's so great!! and has a poofy cover!! :D

seven// make a bagillion ottolenghi recipes

eight// finally read paper towns because it's taken me so long it's practically a dad joke

nine// update my music collection because i think my 2011 swiftie phase has passed. r.i.p my country pop star dreams

ten// read cat memes because i'm behind on the latest cat catch-cries

notes: you can totally get creative with the flavours, but make sure that the underlying note of banana won't clash too much with what you add in. nut butters work really well, so do other fruits (except pineapple, as it won't set properly). these ice creams are super quick to make as well. i know the whole frozen banana ice cream trick has been around for ages, but it's a really no-fail method to diy your own flavours. also, what's better than ice-cream to welcome summer! 

Vegan Ice-Cream

{serves 4}


4 extra ripe bananas

1/2 c mixed frozen berries (i used raspberry & blueberry)

1 tsp chia seeds

1 tb natural peanut butter

2 tsp cacao nibs

2 tb unsweetened shredded coconut



peel and cut your bananas into rounds, before freezing them overnight. 

place them in a blender and blend until smooth and creamy. return the now blended mix to the freezer for another hour. 

split the mixture into three equal portions. in the first, blend the banana with the berries and chia seeds. in the second, stir through the peanut butter and the cacao nibs. in the third, stir through the coconut. 

return the three mixes to the freezer for another 30 minutes for the final chill. scoop into individual bowls and serve sprinkled with some extra cacao nibs! 

- jess :)