{vegan} moroccan lentil soup

this post was hard. the actual making of the soup was fine, made easier by my lovely helper madi (thanks kiddo - your hand modelling skills are fab), but it was the photography and subject that killed me. i've sort of noticed some trends in my photos, to the point where i feel uninspired. to me, they're all looking the same. and that's fine, for a while. so expect some changes from here on in.

this week was one worth celebrating, what with school wrapping up for easter break, but in it i found trials and challenges. things that really made me question what i wanted to achieve and honestly asses how i was going. not to be a debbie downer (isn't that phrase  offensive to people named debbie? i dunno..), but i though i should share what i came up with:

1) when working in a team you can't control what other people are doing. by all means you can try, but you're going to work waaay harder than you need to, often with no result. if you're leading a group of people, and the wheels fall off, it's not always your fault. accepting responsibility for something you can't control, is pointless and will only lead to a lot of heartache and unwarranted stress. all you can do is your best, and encourage others to do the same.

2) nobody gets it the first time. people aren't born clever, they have to learn. apparently the best way of learning is to teach to others. well i think the second best way, is to learn by error. your error, not someone else's. if you're shooting hoops and scoring about 80-90% of the time, that's pretty good odds. don't kick yourself for the 10-20% of shots missed, focus on the shots scored and repeat whatever worked to get them in. courage isn't falling down once, then getting up, dusting yourself off, and moving onto the next thing. courage is falling down, getting up, trying another method, falling down again and repeating the process until you get it right. 

3) what sally says about sarah, says more about sally than sarah. think about that for a second. 

4) challenging yourself to be better is hard work, hence the word challenge. outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens, nothing worth having comes easily, otherwise you'd have it by now. the best way to keep motivated,i find,  is to remember why you started.write a list.  or alternatively, envision yourself at the end of your journey, what will it look like? feel like? who will you be? where will you be? draw it, write it down, talk about it, imagine it. whatever works for you!

these were just some learnings from my week. i personally hate self-reflection, but sometimes it's kind of unavoidable.    

{vegan} moroccan lentil soup

{serves 8}


4 cups mixed lentils + barley

400g canned chickpeas

12 cups warm water

400g tinned tomatoes (diced)

1 teaspoon turmeric

2 teaspoons cumin seeds

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon hot cayenne pepper (add more for spicier flavour)


let's cook!

wash lentils and chickpeas well, before adding them, the water and the tomatoes to a large pot. add the spices and stir. 

bring to the boil on a high heat, before leaving to simmer gently for 60-75 minutes. the soup should thicken until resembling a dahl-like consistency.

serve warm with some crusty bread, chopped coriander or pitas. will keep in the fridge in a sealed container for 4 days. 

- jess :)