Weekend Drinks: Strawberry & Orange Squash

woo! two weeks back at school are finished!! it started with 35 degree heat and ended with a late-night west elm visit and i'm not sure what to make of that. anyway, today i'm presenting you all with these summery and fruity drinks because naturally, hot weather calls for refreshing drinks to guzzle on a lazy sunday afternoon.

but i guess the main thing i wanted to talk about today is summer. as my bodypump instructor shouted at me last class "summer is coming people!!!!" (as if that was supposed to make me less tired and start enjoying the pain???) and i got to  thinking that i could have sworn ten minutes ago i was wearing thick knits and fluffy socks. where did winter go? is there a find-my-winter app i can use? is it free to download? will it take these 35 degree days away from me?

as you can probably tell, i'm not that excited for summer (ew hot weather) but are you? have you swapped your wardrobes around? have you reintroduced yourself to your razor yet?? i had to dig mine out the other day and it was like meeting an old friend after years apart. 

update on the bird situation that i mentioned last time - it appears this hot weather has not brought them back to me. i will have to be a sad bird lady for now. but it's okay, because now i have our rhubarb plant to drown in my love.  

gosh i need to get out more. happy summer times!

note: it's that weird time of year when winter citrus is still around but summer berries are out and i'm not sure how to feel about it so i made a yummy drink! the key to this is the straining and the juicing. carbonate water is optional, but an excellent idea. the fruit is left inside the cup to infuse with the rest of the drink. that way, the flavours will develop both inside the fruit (hello infused juicy fruits) and within the drink itself (!!!!). also, it looks pretty. i'm not a herb-in-drinks person, but if you are, mint would be the bomb with this combo.  

Strawberry & Orange Squash

{serves 2}


juice of one chilled orange

1/3 c blueberries

juice of 1/2 a lemon

1/2 c chopped strawberries

500 ml carbonated water, chilled


strain your orange juice and lemon juice into a medium jug. 

using a cocktail muddler, your hands or a juicer, juice the chopped strawberries. into a separate small jug.

strain the strawberry juice into the medium jug, and mix all the juices together. divide the juice concentrate between two glass cups. halve the water and blueberries between each.  grab some of the more-intact strawberry chunks (or cut up more) and add them to the drink. 

serve with ice and mint if you like!

- jess!