Weekend Drinks: Pineapple & Lime Smoothie

it's been deliciously foggy and cloudy here lately and whilst i was driving this morning i could have sworn the leaves and wind and rain was going to wooosh! me away (it didn't, thankfully). my chai late flavoured candle has officially been burnt meaning that *coughs* the cold is officially here. along with the cold has come the rain, thicker blankets and my musky perfume because i read somewhere once that being chic meant having winter and summer musks. and no we don't call them scents we call them musks. because apparently i'm a chic lady now.

anyway, i decided that in the midst of the grey i'd make a tropical smoothie for those of us who'd like to be somewhere warmer. or maybe you are somewhere warm at the moment (aka, the northern hemisphere). it's full of pineapple and lime and a teeeeensy bit of coconut for that i'm on an island* vibe. now i love the cold and the chai lattes and the coats, but sometimes, when the rare cravings strike - tropical fruit is the only solution. 

*naturally, of course, all my islands are warm. and have coconuts

pineapple, i think, is one of the most misunderstood fruits. most people run a mile because it's high maintenance, spiky and doesn't let home-made jelly set. but, if you give it a chance, pineapple can really show it's stuff. it's tangy and sweet and light all at the same time. it's bright and happy and makes you happy too! (have you ever seen a sad person eating pineapple? me neither). 

you'll notice that i didn't strain or juice the pineapple, rather blended it straight into the smoothie as chunks. this will mean that you need to consume the smoothie immediately or alternatively stir up the solid/liquid sediments with time. the reason that i blended the pineapple as a whole was to prevent the loss of fibre (this is why i prefer smoothies to juices). you can read more about the benefits of fibre and how they affect the way your body processes sugar here. for the purposes of this recipe, juicing it would work just as well - if pulp isn't your thing. i used chilled water, as the pineapple is quite chunky to begin with, but if you prefer thicker smoothies, adding ice would work just as well (i've listed a quantity in the recipe for you down below). enjoy! 

Pineapple & Lime Smoothie

{serves 2.....or one very thirsty food blogger}


approx 500g fresh pineapple

1 lime

60 ml chilled water or 1/4 c ice cubes

2 tsp shredded coconut


juice the lime and chop the pineapple into small cubes. add all the ingredients (except the pineapple) into a blender. blend until smooth. 

split the mixture between two glasses (or pour into one tall glass) and sprinkle with coconut. stir before drinking & serve immediately! 

- jess x