how you doin??? I hope today is absolutely top-notch. and if you're not so crash hot, I hope things are looking up soon.

just a shortie today. here are some pics from my week, you can see I was really enjoying being back at school (my brain hurts already) plus some behind the scenes of what's to come!!!! yay!! get excited, I've got some great stuff planned :) (hint: do you enjoy small and not-so-small scale construction??)

the disney iTunes playlist is getting a workout (I totally sing as well as celine dion to beauty and the beast right??? hmmmm...) and the tea mug rotation is set to high. i'm more of a slurper than a sipper when it comes to tea. it's just because I don't want to wait for it to cool down I mean who has time for that??? I want my tea now!!

qotd: is it bad that I know all the words to do you want to build a snowman???

this week has kinda been a shock to the system. so suffice to say i'm exhausted. so i'm celebrating the weekend with a cookie! (or three...???) i've honestly missed blogging and blog-reading so much this week, so i relish my time chilling out on the weekend. but the past 120 hours has been full of some pretty cool moments too, like:

  • i have the best kick butt english teacher in the whole wide world and her classes are the most fabulous things ever (it helps that i'm an English nerd, although sometimes my writing on here says otherwise...). plus she wears cool pantsuits. 
  • i was so filled with excitement during my first year eleven biology class i almost flew out of my seat 
  • i have my favourite spanish teacher ever and i was smiling the whole lesson like a small child in a candy store. a spanish candy store.
  • i discovered pandora. i swear i'm literally the last person ever to "find" it. 
  • 'i got to use my new stationary for the first time (always a bittersweet moment, you know, because then they're no longer "new") and all my textbooks had that new book smell. 



{February is here and the month of love is making itself at home, regardless of your facebook relationship status}


rather than listing my favourite posts, i discovered some new blogs/bloggers this week! so these are some of my new loves:


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- jess x