why hello hello 

i hope that cupid shot his arrows right and you all had a lovely lover's day :) my weekend was spent pretty much at my computer doing homework (thank you family for letting me take over the dining room table). the upside i guess, is that i have now perfected the waiting time between writing in ball point pen and then highlighting over the top to avoid smudging. you can tell it was a riveting weekend.  

today i wanted to, before i shared some of my link love, talk about writers block. it's something that we all get from time to time, and it's hella hard to get over. writers block often leads to the following things: repeatedly pacing around the room, re-reading work a million times because the next line will "just come" eventually, ridiculous cups of hot beverages and lots and lots of backspacing. i don't know about you, but to me, writers block feels like a perpetual state of confusion, coupled with a complete and utter brain fail. 

i've always found writing soothing, something that came naturally to me. some people just 'get' maths, i write. often, if i go too long without it, i have that itch to get the words in my head onto paper (or at least the notes page in my phone). so when i'm blocked - i'm reeeaaally blocked.

in fact there's nothing more disappointing than when a teacher gives you an essay topic, and you have no ideas. zip, zero, nada. absolutely squat. in fact you wish you had squat. nevertheless, through nothing short of an act of god, you're meant to produce this work of literary genius with fantastic legit points and perfect grammar all within days. so every minute up until you submit your work, you're constantly thinking about symbolism, metaphor, character analysis, book references, quotes, real life similarities, social classism, socioeconomic demographic, frame of reference, author background and no matter how hard you think and how much you highlight you still have nothing.  

that's writers block.

but i find that writer's block extends to other parts of my life too. sadly things aren't as sectioned off as my cutlery draw and issues tend to bleed outwards. all of a sudden my bedroom is messy, things in maths class don't make sense and i have absolutely no inspiration when it comes to blog posts. i just can't think straight. and i feel like shouting at my brain "if you've taken a holiday next time can you at least take me with you??? i'd like to see the greek islands too!!!!"  but noooo. 

alas, eventually, it passes. like leona lewis said, it'll all get better in time.  but here's my biggest tip, and incidentally my biggest learning of last year:

when it comes to writer's block, or general lack of motivation for that matter, the best thing to do is to push through it. whether that means changing your approach, or just continuing to chip away at that essay, time, trial and error will solve all your problems. so you've got writer's block and you're out of ideas? wow! you must be human! welcome to the club my friend, there's like seven billion of us.  

i know, i know, it's not the answer you want to hear, and i know this got really deep for a post of this kind, but it's like my maths teacher said: asking for the answer won't actually help you. give it time, think it over and it will always come. sometimes it just takes longer, and that's okay. because guess what? nobody gets it the first time. 


{the day of lurrrve brought many fabulous blog posts with it, so why not show your loved ones how much you care through a sweet treat!?}


homemade v-day treat boxes - a beautiful mess 

coconut oil sugar cookies w' natural dyed icing - oh lady cakes

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flourless chocolate and pomegranate mini cake - top with cinnamon

Chocolate Caramel Matzo Bark with Strawberries and Coconut - bakers royale

rose meringues - local milk


valentines day almond cake - my name is yeh

homemade funfetti cupcakes - my baking addiction

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vegan & gluten-free raspberry crumble tart - choosing raw

- jess x