A Trip to the Museum

today is saturday, so my day started with an  attempt at a run (ok i forced myself to run because health but god i hate cardio. especially around the 5km mark), followed by a lazy weekend breakfast with lazy day music playlists and lazy day coffees. this week i made a long overdue return to the world of social medias and blogging and basically real life because as you may have noticed these past couple of months have been a tad quiet.

over these past few weeks i swear i spent more hours at school than i didn't (gah!) so it's been a bit crazy lately. between music rehearsals and homework and debating and exams, i'm surprised i came out on friday in one piece. but, my lately my weeks have been ending with carol kingyoga and family star wars viewings  so really it wasn't all bad.  

i feel like a solid 80% of my posts here are talking about exams, but holy poopcakes guys they're over! i'm free! well, for now anyway. thankfully, i went a bit nuts on the stationary, surprise surprise, and there's a part of me that had been hanging out to use my cue cards (they're multicoloured. multicoloured!!) and that ridiculous 15 pack of highlighters i bought in january :D :D

here's a recap list of things that happened while i was away from blogging:

1. belle and i went to the museum!! she's my lovely homeslice up there with a big ol' grin on her face in the forest. we romped around some fossils, saw the jurassic world exhibition (ohmygosh it was soooo good!!) and i was low-key terrified. it's ok though, i had my homeslice to protect me. then we went for lunch (yummy cheesy pizza for belle!!! delicious vegan pizza for me!!) at this cute little pizza place near parliament station and laughed about silly things like the cat that comes and plays in my backyard and ridiculous overseas trips we want to take. 

2. we fiiiiiiiiiiiiinally moved all the furniture from the other house down to the newly renovated place so the house is now feeling more like home! 

3. school has been keeping me crazy busy (duh, that's why this space has been so neglected) but somehow i still managed to watch the final season of downton abbey (a whole year later than the u.k.!!!! *many sad faces*) and oh my goodness if you ever someone to gush about the fabulousness of mr carson's eyebrows i'm here for you. 

4. we booked tickets to spain!!!!!!!!!!! if you live in spain, have been there or know of anywhere delicious and beautiful and fabulous to visit please let me know. can you tell i'm excited????

5. i officially pre-ordered molly's cookbook which the cover was recently released for and that woman is making by beautiful cookbook dreams come true. some other books i've been enjoying are pictured below as well! winter is great for book-snuggling. 

6. baking talk: i started working on a recipe for honey and hazelnut cookies as well as one for chocolate, banana and date bread. update: their both good, but not the wowowowowow  i was after. expect recipes soon. 

7. it's properly winter here now and i have officially begun to transition the morning meal from toast to porridge. pros: it's freakin' delicious. cons: the almond milk stash runs low v.v. quickly :(

8. i bought a pillow that looks like a happy sun from kmart. it sits on my bed now. here's a photo:

 well i think we're all caught up now :) 

- jess 

p.s. go to the museum. i'll probably see you there as i'm taking all my family and friends to see the jurassic world exhibition because goddammit jurassic park is one of my all-time favourite movies tow watch before 7pm (any later and the dinosaurs start to get too scary and i spend the whole movie with my head underneath the blanket).