Chocolate Bark

christmas gift idea #1

blogmas day three! how exciting! i have to say i'm really enjoying this whole blogging everyday thing, it's fun (and delicious, cos there's more food around!). this morning i shamefully slept in unitl noon (!!) which grandma over here never does! i'm normally up by nine at the latest! to be fair, we were out late last night (happy 21st emma!) but all day i was walking around with a body clock that was a solid 4 hours behind. and i was hungry at the wrong times too! urgh. never again. 

i've taken to trolling the internet given the lack of urgent schoolwork that needs doing and it has been occurring to me how much time i spend working on school and academic stuff. sometimes i just sit in my bedroom and look around  thinking ok so what now?!?!??!!  to combat this issue, i wrote a list of things i should do to fill my apparent large amount of spare time. 

1. go to ikea, i need boring things like shelves and picture frames. possibly a mirror too. 

2. go to the gym more.

3. make music playlists for when i go to the gym more. find some funky tunes to pump iron to. 

4. re-watch dr strange and fantastic beasts and where to find them in cinemas again because they were so good the first time nothing will ever compare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. if i'm really missing schoolwork i should probs get onto writing my extended essay, 4000 words won't write themselves sadly.....

6. go see the christmas windows in the city! 

7. make a gingerbread model of my newly renovated house and garden 

8. buy a christmas tree for upstairs and decorate it to christmas music!! 

9. buy some plants for the pretty pots i bought that are sitting empty in the corner of my room. 

10.  investigate where (if?) i can get (and then proceed to acquire) a christmas-themed-captain-america onesie  

so there's ten things i'll be doing over the next few days. now onto the edible gifts: chocolate bark! i love edible gifts, so i've decided to give you a few ideas over the course of blogmas! here's number one :)

 this bark is pretty simple. you melt a chocolate of choice and top it with whatever festive and delicious things you like! go nuts! add your own touch! i'm giving these away as christmas gifts to people (because everybody likes edible gifts, it's an easy win) but you could totally make these for a nice desert option or a sneaky snack while watching gilmore girls. also, it should be noted that whilst ALA is normally completely dairy free, this recipe isn't technically (because, like i said, these are going to other homes), but a df version is super easy: just replace all chocolate with greater than 80% dark and you're good to go!

chocolate bark



 dark chocolate

white chocolate 



 uncrystalised ginger

 mixed nuts

candy canes

silver balls

goji berries & other dried fruits


melt the dark chocolate and spread it evenly onto a tray lined with baking paper. top the chocolate with toppings of choice (i used a mix of almonds, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, goji berries, candy canes, uncrystalised ginger and white and silver sprinkles).  drizzle some melted white chocolate over the top if desired, or marble it into the dark chocolate base (another idea, is to use a white chocolate base with dark chocolate drizzle). 

wait for the chocolate bark to set, before using a sharp knife to cut the bark into wedges. store the chopped bark in plastic containers until ready for gifting.

to make the present packages, wrap 4-5 pieces in cellophane and tie together with some twine. store in the fridge until it's giving time! 

- jess :D