Federal Cafe, Barcelona

it's a bit of a different one today! i've never done a cafe review here before on ala so this is exciting! as i'm writing this we're on the train back to barcelona for a night before we fly back to melbourne tomorrow. we visited federal cafe during our week in barcelona (read more here!) and ermagawd was it fabulous! the food was delicious - i had the avocado on crusty toast w' poached egg - and the coffee was the best i had in spain. they offered fresh cow's milk, almond milk and soy (i went for the almond!), and the staff were all really friendly, welcoming and most,if not all, that we encountered spoke english fairly well.

but the thing that got me was the aesthetic and the vibe of the place. the grand windows meant that the indoor and outdoor seating areas flowed easily, while the natural sunlight that spiledt  in kept the space light and airy. the industrial-scandi furniture and wall coverings assured you that the coffee was going to be good (hipsters know their stuff) and the combination of customers having lunch meetings, working on laptops and chatting with friends was a testament to the popularity of the place. 

the menu had a brunch all day feel to it that probably came from the australian roots of the place. federal cafe was set up not only in multiple cities across spain, but also by an australian group of coffee nuts. for more info about that, along with all the federal cafe details clink the link here

whilst i was having my working day in valencia (#studentlyf  *sadface*) mum and dad found the federal cafe, valencia and the proceeded to come home and harp on about how amazing the coffee was again.

basically, this shit's good. federal cafe - you've got the a little alice  tick, dance and enormous smile of approval. 

- jess! 

p.s. this post is not sponsored, and all opinions, ramblings and stories are my own.