eat, see & do!

an ode to granada

oh granada - you're so beautiful. 

your buildings look like gelati 

your kebabs taste like hope feels

now i need to go home and do pilates

the alhambra steps were many 

do my calves look good? 

the mosaics definitely look better

those tilers had more patience than i ever could

the hole-in-the-wall cafes

and the steep pebbled streets 

the purple-skied sunsets

and dad's obsession with cured meat.

your cathedral was impressive

would you let me play on those organs?

i wonder how many people

have walked these streets before us?

for some reason there was fireworks (???)

and a cafe 4 cats (!!)

but despite only having been there last week

i can't wait to go back

and the andalucian saga continues! i hope you liked the poem! something different eh?  we were in granada for only two nights and the links to the highlights of what we did were in the poem. something i would recommend is booking your alhambra tickets months  before your trip because they sell out like crazy (justin bieber ain't got nothin on that thing).  walking around the city, driving through the mountains and finding secret kebab places are some fond memories, but nothing beats watching the purple sunset from the lookout above the city square in the old town.  except maybe cupcakes. but like, only the really good cupcakes. 

- jess x