hello again! despite having been back in melbourne for a good couple of months now, i realised that with the craziness of exams exams exams i never got around to finishing the spanish travel posts. the entirely of andalucia was gorgeous. the food was cheap, delicious and filling. the weather was warm and the people friendly. 

seville was probably one of my favourite cities of our trip. mostly because we saw flamenco (!!!) and ermagawd was is amazing. we also saw a place where they filmed some star wars and i'd be lying if i said that i didn't nerd out a little.

but back to reality.

my last exam was this morning and since i blogged last, i've been forcing myself to the gym (because health), studying all the things (because exams) and doing shit tonnes of yoga (because *zen*). 

i never used to have *zen*. i used to run around like a headless chicken half the time getting ill from stress (ok that's a lie, i still do that). but now i do yoga. now i have *zen*. well, at least more *zen* than i used to. 

i was trying to drag belle along to a yoga class with me and on the grounds of being uncoordinated and hating stretchy-bendy activities she said no. sometimes mum comes with me. but most of the time i go on my own. and that's ok. because oddly enough (and i never thought i'd be this person) once i start doing the poses and focusing on my breathing, the *zen* kicks in and the rest of the world falls away for a while. 

as someone who spends most of their time at about an 80% stress level, to have the rest of the outside world shut up for sixty minutes is a godsend. i feel like i can finally focus on my thoughts, properly take time to feel the emotions of my day. in that short space of time, it doesn't matter that i have a 4000 words essay to write, a 12 page prac report due on monday or an oral commentary coming up on poems i haven't even studied yet. all that matters, is me, physical me. and that my friends, is what *zen* is. 

so find your *zen*. it might not be from yoga, maybe for you it's baking (it's also baking for me too, can you tell?!!?), maybe it's watching movies. maybe it's walking in the early morning. maybe it's reading. maybe it's japenese knife sharpening.  whatever it is, find your *zen* - because life is too short to be stressed all the time. 

- jess

p.s.  if you haven't found your zen yet, try looking in the storage under your desk cos that's where if find most of the stuff i've lost

p.p.s. also one thing that makes me lose my zen is watching a certain person called donald. why america? why?!?!