*casually blogs from starbucks* 

it's only now that i'm sitting in an american franchise using their wifi and drinking coffee that i realize just how bad some christmas music can be. and i love christmas music. if there was a support group for people who have unhealthy addictions to christmas music - i'd be the first there. 

"hi my name is jess and i listen to christmas music in august, have decorations in my room all year round and buy starbucks in december because i like the festive cups" 

these muffins were born out of necessity. and they make me wonder how many things each day also happen because who knows how things would turn out if they didn't. we eat read bad books, take holidays, buy expensive cars, overpriced chewing gum, use bad public toilets, buy uncomfortable shoes that look pretty, all because they make us feel good. they need to happen. or at least that's what we think anyway... if the world functioned solely on a needs basis, it would be a pretty interesting place. people would eat healthy foods (like i can talk, i bake regularly for pleasure), exercise, say "no" more, have little materialistic desires and food wouldn't be wasted as we'd take only what we need (see i was listening in geography!!). 

but having said all that, theme parks would be merely superfluous, this blog wouldn't even exist and social media would, hold onto your hats ladies and gents, probably not exist either. the internet would be a place for checking the weather and reading newspapers, not watching funny cat videos on youtube. if we lived solely off needs, we'd be well looked after, but little fun would be had. 

i think the ideal balance dwells on the fence line between the land of needs and the magical galaxy of wants. cater to your needs first, look after yourself of course, but when appropriate, give into your wants. the trick is, working out exactly when that "appropriate moment" is. 

muffins recipe.JPG

- jess