i think i have issues. like actual issues. with making cookies that is. its like an addiction. maybe i should start a self-help course and make millions. it shall be entitled: "when cookies become your life: a twelve step recovery program for procrastibakers". yes. this is the way. 

in all seriousness though, these cookies are a a tree-topper (making festive puns now are we? oh dear...). and better yet, you can pretty much eyeball it. they golden syrup can be replaced with honey, maple syrup, nutella, peanut butter....the possibilities are endless. if you try one of the latter, let me know how it goes yeah? 

this week has been crazy. from summer holidays starting (wooo!!!), celebration evening rehearsals at school, endless choruses of "step with your right foot first" or "take the steps two at a time" and "omg how do i handshake what is this", christmas shopping with grandparents, birthday banquets (happy birthday max!), tree decorating, gift wrapping, food court negotiating and to top it all off, attending a thermomix demo party; it's been a busy week. i'm sweating just reliving it all. 

but hey now i'm submersed in that lovely holiday mode where group emails about movie times, staying in pjs until 4:30pm cos oops i slept in until 2, and forgetting what day it is is totally acceptable behavior. also, christmas (need i really say more?!).


pssst! a christmas themed post is coming soon! until then, enjoy the cookies!