ladies and gentlemen i'm proud to announce that omg christmas is almost here! as today is officially the start of december, small children (and those who pretend to still be small children) will be opening eagerly their first day of advent goodies all around the world. it also means that the jealousy surrounding not having a white christmas starts for those in the southern hemisphere - but that's a whole other post worth of feels. december is also my fav time because the summer fruits have officially hit the shelves!!! i was in the supermarket yesterday and pretty much died when i saw tubs upon tubs of cherries (!!!) mangoes for a dollar each (!!!) and piles of berries, watermelons and stone fruits (!!!!!!!!!!!!). 

there is a small(ish) argument between the aussies and the kiwis regarding who-owns-the-invention-of-the-pavlova. both sides believe it's theirs essentially. either way, i make one (okay....many) each year for various christmas things and those summer fruits we mentioned earlier do deliciously on top. it's pretty much a free for all. the good thing about a pav is that a) it's free form - messiness and "rustic" styles are encouraged b) when it sinks after baking you fill the hole w' cream and fruit c) it's pretty much idiot proof. if it fails, make eton mess instead! 

we visited a family friend's house for dinner and upon receiving instruction that we were to "bring dessert", mum suggested that perhaps a crowd pleasing pav could be our offering. happily, i obliged and this was the result. i tried a new thing (yay!) and added the tiniest of rosewater to the cream. delicious! 

with officially the number of school days left of the year now officially countable on one hand i can have turned my attention to christmas and holidays! there will be turkey and ham and pudding (coming soon!) and cake and chocolate and more pav and vegetables and presents and family and photos.......but what are your plans? are you excited for christmas? do the shopping centers scare you at this time of year? are your scented candles appropriately festive? i hope you avoid road rage in mall car parks as the big day approaches, and buy yourselves some appropriately stretchy pants.

happy monday!