a long(ish) plane flight, a definite luggage ooops, luxurious hotel rooms, fake snow in 1930s fake tudor, suit purchases, beachside walks, bookshop loitering, park frolicking, too much pringle eating and watching buses with large cats on them go past (like whoa melbourne we gotta get us some of these). thats pretty much all that has been happening for the past few days. 

perth is super fly and it's been a revolutionary idea in our family that oh my gosh we took a holiday before christmas!?!?! normally we kind of wait until early january, but by that time the weather is hot and nobody wants a repeat of adelaide '14 (a week long holiday where everyday was above forty degrees). it was intense to say the least. 

we visited fremantle and whilst remarking that "oh look the next land mass from here is africa....", were sitting on the council provided chairs and banana lounges on the beach. seriously, with the free cat buses, council buildings that light up festively, colourful beach chairs and signs promoting niceness on trains, the perth city council is on point. melbourne might need to pick up it's game cos the west coast people know where it's at!!