hey guys! welcome to the fourth instalment of alice in euroland!!! this time we flashback to my stay in salzburg, the fourth city I visited on my trip. from the incredibly beautiful scenery (especially in the old city) to the historical musical features, Salzburg stole my heart within seconds. it not only boasts an impressive line up of attractions within the city, it's surrounded by beautiful countryside and mountain ranges, full of surprises for the exploring traveller. we sang like maria on the steps in mirabell gardens, skipped alongside the river and left a lock on the lock bridge with our tour group's name on it. I walked through Mozart's doorway and saw the fanciest mcdonald's sign in. the. world. sooooo enjoy!!


visit the mirabell palace and garden - these gorgeous gardens are en excellent photo opportunity, and are a must see . if you're lucky enough to visit in summer, the intricate flower arrangements look even more beautiful in real life.

take the sound of music tour - if you have the money (and the time) take the official sound of music tour around Salzburg. if not, do what I did and make your own! visit the Mondsee cathedral, nonnberg convent and the st peters church cemetery.

explore Mozart's birthplace and surrounds: after you've seen Mozart's house explore the alleyways and courtyards around it. don't have your map out the whole time though, enjoy getting gloriously lost, then finding your way back again!

do a spot of shopping - Salzburg might not be full of big commercial stores, but it does have a wide range of small boutiques. watch out for those! they're well worth a visit and you might just find something special for yourself of someone back home!


bring shoes that aren't designed for walking - I know this might sound weird, but trust me. Salzburg is very mountainous. walking those cobblestone streets in the inner city, you'll regret wearing uncomfortable shoes.

rush - Salzburg isn't a city that's super busy and dynamic. it's okay to plan to see only one thing per day, because you'll no doubt stumble upon something else as you meander through the city.

just stay in the old city - explore the outer parts of Salzburg up in the hills as well as visiting the old town. the views are amazing and no doubt, you'll see a different side to the city.

forget to visit a palace! - you're in a city full of palaces, try and visit at least one, especially if you're interested in history.

take public transport everywhere - Salzburg is a very walkable city, despite it's hills. everything, especially in the old town, is close together and easily reached on foot. ditch the bus and try walking!


- jess x