who knew that our western australia holiday could be so good? when we packed our bags and drove from perth to busselton, i had no idea what was in store for us. 

with (yet more) beach frolicking, pool plunging, obsessive photo taking, fake festive cow spotting, winery visiting and frequent moments of "ooh look the scenery is pretty!!".

this my friends, is what holidays are all about. 

in honour of this new relaxation station our inner body radios are constantly tuned to, i've made a list of all the things that have stood out to me on this, the part two, of our trip. 

now i may not have mentioned this on here before, but i luurrve lists. i write lists like some people drink coffee. obsessively and not always at the appropriate moment. from groceries to the standard to-do, my list repertoire is impressive, if i say so myself. some may say i'm the shakespeare of lists. (okay, nobody says that, but when i die famous and they find my doodles and mad jottings, they'll publish my lists in museums with the captions reading "the treasured great lists of jess - an insight into the mind of a potentially slightly creatively deranged, yet very organised, young woman")

a list of moments: 

driving along the road with the coast to my left and margaret river wine country to my right listening to the killers and the love actually soundtrack

walking along the white sand of the beach in black skinny jeans because my inner hipster told me to

dad and bro playing bocci at a winery because they can

me finding a thing called infused honey in many flavours. roasted hazelnut honey was lusted over, then purchased

finding an excellent number of cow statues in one particular town. some of them are even festively decorated. pictures are inserted below for your enjoyment. 

a pelican was next to a fisherman on the beach, waiting for him to get the hint and give him some fish for lunch. the fisherman was having none of it. 

coffee with mum on a wednesday morning. yes there were selfies. no we are not ashamed. 




a list of observations:

at one particular winery we visited, there was an australian flag flying the size of my bedroom. it was disproportionally massive. i'm not even kidding. 

western australia has red road tar.

warning: the distance to the turn off from the road sign is a lot closer than you think. 

mum is better at navigating than dad

dad has more opinions on wine tasting

gherkins are as delicious as i remembered them to be. so are radishes. especially when slathered with olive oil. 

do not forget the importance of applying sunscreen to your feet. especially when wearing strappy sandals. this avoids "zebra feet syndrome" 

the beach is always closer than you think it is. it's also windier. be smart and bring a jacket. also wear easily removable shoes.  

just because they advertise almond milk chai lattes, doesn't mean they are good almond milk chai lattes. 

it's freezing at 10am , but we're sweating at 12:30.