so for the third instalment of alice in euroland I flashback to my adventures in munich! a wonderful city, I was only there for a few days, but what I did see definitely left me hungry for more :)

our local guide described munich as the city of museums, for it's plentiful supply of different galleries, museums and historical landmarks. it's lively culture and dynamic population is refreshing, whilst visually, munich encapsulates the expected german traits with an added twist. 

munich was bombed heavily during the second world war, so consequentially  the streets are lined with a mish-mash of architectural styles. by far the most represented however, is the post-war 'box'. plain buildings providing cheap, fast housing for the newly homeless, they were munich's answer to their somewhat flattened city. this jigsaw puzzle of styles, from the old district to the new,  serves as a subtle reminder of just how rich the history of this city is.


take a locally guided tour! - by far the best way to see (and learn about!) this wonderful city

visit the marienplatz and stay for the clock chiming! - the heart of munich, the square was once the market place in the middle ages.

visit the nymphenburg palace - munich's summer palace boasts gorgeous gardens and, (season depending) small frogs!

check out a brewery - regardless of whether you go in or not, the breweries are at least worth a drive by. a large part of munich's culture (what with oktoberfest and all), breweries aren't hard to find in the middle of the city.

visit one of the many museums and galleries - each boasting large collections, there's bound to be one to suit your interests  


 don't get sucked in to expensive prices in restaurants off the marienplatz! - walk around the corner and food will be much cheaper!!!!

forget to look for hidden treasures! - munich is one of those cities where simply walking down an alleyway will lead you to a beautiful courtyard!! go exploring!!

forget to take a daytrip out to neuschwanstein castle! - dreamed of being a disney princess? well time to check out the original disney castle!

be surprised if you have to pay to pee - this kind of goes for most of europe, but in munich especially. remember to always carry coins on you if you don't want to be caught out!

stay in the city the whole time - take a day trip! small german towns and villages litter the german countryside, and some are less than an hour out of munich. I recommend visiting XXXXXX


- jess x