bonjour tout le monde! ahhh this post was fun to make. scrolling through photos is like reliving the whole experience all over again from my bedroom (you know, minus the whole eiffel tower and everything, but a girl can dream right????).

paris is easily one of my favourite cities, i feel very blessed to have been shown the wonders of this city at such a young age. whether you're 8 or 80, paris has something for you. from museums to bistros, churches to gardens and galleries, i am in awe of paris' rich history and dynamic atmosphere.

mind you, i bet i'm not the only one to be in love with this city. it certainly helps though, that i can speak the language. there's only so many times you can mime "where are the toilets" before it becomes degrading.

so for alice in euroland #2 i'm showing you some snapshots of my trip earlier this year. paris (coupled with new york) is the most instagrammed city in the world. frankly it's not hard to see why really. soooooo without further ado, here are my do's and don'ts for my favourite city in the world (or one of anyway...) :D


take a camera and make it a good one -trust me, other than obligatory eiffel tower and montemarte snaps, parisian everyday life is pretty photogenic

walk with purpose when using the metro - all it takes is two seconds of hesitation in those tunnels and all of a sudden you've caused a huge pile up and the french tutting and exasperated sighs begin. check where you're going before taking the trains to save time and your dignity.

travel off season - having been in both summer and winter times, paris is much more manoeuvrable in the winter time.  from museum queues to getting seats in a café, it's much quieter and more pleasant. you do miss out on the tree lined streets though.  

try and speak french! - the locals love it when you give it a go and are more than happy to help expand your knowledge and vocabulary! but remember to return the favour - they love a chance to practise using their english.

walk everywhere and visit everything - the best way to see the city, in my opinion, is just by walkng. mind you i'm a big walker even when not travelling, but in paris it really is a great way to get from a to b. do as much as you can and see what ever you have time for - there's no "best", it's all amazing. pick what interests you the most!

buy your louvre and Disneyland tickets from fnac - an electronics and entertainment store, they have them cheaper plus you miss the queues at your destinations. a must!!


look like a lost tourist in tourist hot spots - make sure you watch your bags especially in big tourist hot spots like sacre coeur or outside the louvre. no need to be scared, just have your eyes open and be aware of your surroundings. personally i've never had problems, but it's worth keeping in mind.

wear uncomfortable shoes to montemarte! - it's more hilly than you think it is and you'll want to walk and explore, so be prepared.

forget to go up the arc de triomphe - the view from the arc is fabulous, as not only do you get most of paris in your photos, but also the eiffel tower!!! also the queue is much shorter.

miss the food!!! - go on! be brave and try something new!! try and sneakily look at what the locals are ordering and do a real life "oooh i'll have what she's having!!!". also have an espresso at the bar - a classic paris experience.

ask for a latte - the French call any kind of coffee with milk café au lait, and don't be offended if it's not great. they traditionally have it black i think, so really that's their forte.

forget to watch out for cars - the roads are madness. cars and scooters go left, right, up and down. look both ways then look again, say a small prayer and run for your life :)



- jess x