can we take a moment to appreciate how it is already week four of 2015?!?!?!? how's everyone going with their resolutions? did you have any? what were they? is your diet over yet???

I mentioned in one of my last posts that downton abbey had arrived in the mail (thank you amazon gods) and mum and I watched the whole entire season in one day. no shame. i'm now having withdrawals and think I shall be re-watching the whole show from season one up until the most recent christmas special. yes I think this is a good plan.

especially since Melbourne has been having all this crazy weather lately. seriously, four seasons in one day is pretty standard here, but these past three weeks have been intense. we started off with low 40s temperature (that's about 107 degrees fahrenheit for you northern hemisphere folks!), then had a few days of humidity. then thunderstorms in intense heat, before finishing off with days in the low twenties and rain. needless to say the airconditioning has been getting a good workout and my hair has seen enough frizz to last it a lifetime

this week the tiler came!! exciting times, our renovation is coming along!! yay!! the ensuite looks pretty cool now, also we signed with a builder too so now things are really happening. for those who don't know, we're renovating an Edwardian house!! for the past year we've been back and forth with council, dad's been spending most weekends working his butt of at the house and the term "construction" has been used liberally and loosely. now, however, it's starting to come together!!! the plan (fingers crossed.....maybe toes too) is that we'll be done in October!! (i'm planning a house post as things begin to move along so stay tuned )

also the other day I found these gorgeous quote cards in kikki.k!! they say "life is short, buy the shoes" "we are what we repeatedly do" and "change your thoughts and you'll change your world". how cute!! (I have since added the rest of them to my collection. I couldn't resist) 

also on Tuesday I had lots of fun playing with my adorable cousins and let me tell you it's been waaaayyy too long since I watched an episode of playschool (not much has changed!!) and today i'm looking through the round window :)


{week 3 of twenty fifteen was pretty ace so let's see who came through with the goods this week}


izy showed us pancakes and has revolutionised my breakfast regime

molly had a mac + cheese party

Lindsey made a cake

mandy made choco-colate muffin tops that "are larger than the face of Cheshire cat"

Stephanie put brunch (only my favourite meal) in a bowl and mille feuille in a jar all in the same week!!

Sam brought back churros with an added bonus!!!  (this was posted a while ago but I only found it this week so does it still count??? yes I think it does!!)

aysha created indian deliciousness on food52 

- jess x

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