work with me

if you would like to use any of my photos, link a recipe or re-publish any of the content on my site, i'd appreciate it a bunch if you emailed me at or submitted a form via the contact page. nine times out of ten i'll probably say yes, but i'd just like to know either way.

also, if you do plan to borrow a recipe or a photo, please link it back to me and the blog. i work really hard on each post and don't like to see my hard work passed off as your own. taking one photo is okay, (providing it's clearly linked), but any more and I'd, for sure, need an email from you.

additionally, if you are a company or organisation wanting to collaborate with me and the blog, i'd love to hear from you. the same goes for other bloggers, recipe developers and foodies! 

if you've any questions or just wanna say hey! my services include: recipe development, photography, writing, baking, editing, funny face making and general kitchen tomfoolery. my inbox is always open! media kits and pricing can also be provided upon request.